La Colina

La Colina Junior High Gets a New Principal


Director of Apathy

David Ortiz, the longtime principal of La Colina Junior High, will retire after this school year. Mr. Ortiz has been working as the La Colina Junior High principal for over four decades and has acquired many fans over the years. Students and parents alike have praised Mr. Ortiz over his commitment to education and his dedication to each and every student that walks across La Colina’s campus.

“He is a great principal and deserves a great retirement,” said senior ASB president Isabel Huerta. “He even plans on attending the San Marcos High School graduation this year to support his old students.”

“La Colina has been a second home to me. The people including students, parents, and staff have been spectacular. Truly, this is a special school community with a profound culture of hard work, commitment, and caring,” said Mr. Ortiz when asked what he loves most about La Colina.

Mr. Ortiz has a reputation for continuing his responsibilities as a mentor outside of just the eight to two school day or the two years of junior high. As an educator, David Ortiz has really spent the last four decades going above and beyond. So, who is going to follow him and fill the position of principal at La Colina Junior High?

Her name is Jennifer Foster and she has 19 years of administrative experience at junior high and high schools, three of which have been at La Colina. Ms. Foster will be the first female principal at La Colina Junior High. She will begin her time as principal starting on July 1st. She was unanimously elected on March 9th after a rigorous application process.

Ms. Foster graduated from UCSB with a BA degree in history and a masters degree in education. Later, she received a masters degree in education administration and supervision from San Jose State University. In 2013, Ms. Foster was also awarded the Crystal Apple Educator Award from The Santa Barbara County Education Office for dedication, motivational and instructional skills.

“I am honored to continue to be a part of this school culture and look forward to engaging with students, staff, parents, and the community in my new position,” said Ms. Foster in a statement made on March 10th.

Ms. Foster is well known for her collaborative leadership skills as well as some of her main focuses. Her efforts to encourage equity, build skills that support academic success, support social-emotional learning, and employing practices that build and maintain relationships in a school community have not gone unnoticed.

“Mrs. Foster has the energy, character, relationships, and knowledge/skills to be an outstanding principal. Know that in addition to being my colleague, she is more importantly a dear friend. I am so proud of her,” said Mr.Ortiz.

La Colina Junior High appears to be passing from one set of capable hands to the next and is heading towards a successful future.


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