Stirling Larson

Staff writer       


          On May 7th at 12:45, a lockdown was declared during 3rd period for San Marcos High School. What happened was not on campus but in the apartment complex right across the street from the high school.

           The Santa Barbara police department attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a high-risk person named Anthony Alcaraz Jr. The reason for Anthony Alcaraz’s arrest warrant was that he was a documented gang member and was suspected of being involved in a gang-related shooting. When the police got to the residence, Alcaraz fired on them from the second story stairwell. After an hour long standoff between the police and Alcaraz, it finally ended when the police were getting no response from Alcaraz and sent in a bomb squad drone only to find that he was dead. The cause of death appears to be from four gunshot wounds that were not self inflicted. Throughout the exchange Alcaraz fired six shots from a 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, and the police fired a total of 58 shots at the suspect. Besides the suspect, no one was hurt though it was certainly close. On shot from Alcaraz ripped a pant leg of an officer and another struck a vehicle that police officers were behind.

           In an interview with the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department, Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover and San Marcos parent answered questions. One question that she answered is why was the freeway shut off next to the apartment complex. She said, “The decision to shut down the freeway was made by the California Highway Patrol because of the potential danger to people on the freeway driving by, because the back of the apartment was next to the freeway and the fact that he was armed and shot at officers meant that the police weren’t sure if he would shoot at drivers.”

         Some were curious as to why the warrant wasn’t served in the middle of the night to catch the suspect off guard. Hoover responded with, “the reason that the warrant was served at that time was because that was the time where the police were certain that the wife and child of Alcaraz were not there. The police wanted to make sure that the family was safe and out of harm’s way.”

          Luckily the situation ended with no casualties, save the suspect. The reasons for everything being shut down was due to a concern for the safety of the public and civilians. The SB police department and sheriff’s department did an excellent job ensuring everyone’s safety. It is unfortunate that the freeway was shut down but that is far superior to any other alternative.

“It was crazy, man,” said senior Tyler Dahneke. “I get calls and texts from my friends and family, like, every time. And this is happening all the time, too. It’s crazy, but I’m glad no one was hurt.”

This is the story of yet another San Marcos lockdown, a shockingly frequent and scarily normal occurrence. Though no one at San Marcos was hurt, the school gets to go through the rundown of an active shooter threat, and you feel as though, with all this practice, San Marcos has their lockdowns locked down.


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