Senior Wills

I, JENNA RODE, will to…

Katelyn Rode: The squirrel and the slowly fading but not quite dead STEM Club

Thomas Mock, Jacob Yinger, and Jack Mahoney: The weird corner of the C lot, microwave headbanging, and a standing invitation to cruise Berkeley #skinit

Niko Cvitanic: All the art parties imaginable, more than three nail polish colors, a haircut and some shoes

Trevor Hurvitz: Full ownership of Gus Dapperton and some cold water to slap on your neck

Ben Catch: A life free from pretzel goldfish, all the hugs, and GROUPIES #bencatchtrio

Emily Vesper: Success in obtaining Strokes tickets, my parking pass, and rides to every IV show

Mr. Ricci: A Friend of the Devil, Dark Star, Scarlet Begonias and students that read the assignment description

Mr Oftedal: Students that have the ability to sit in desks correctly and no more black holes, also a child named Thor

Mr. Anderson: An unlimited supply of TAs and a month long road trip



Will Pace:

Ben Partee: My quads, Mr Bradley fan memorabilia

Ewan Best: My entire Mr Royal act, the cup I used for my four years of high school football

Angie Drake: My working shoulders, Sammi Schaeffer, all my sweatshirts that you already have in your possession

Lance Sterndahl: Angie Drake

Josh Brown: 99 elusiveness, 99 juke, 97 hurdle

Annabelle Tiller: My speed (real speed)

Noah Silverberg: My 8th grade little sister’s love


I, CASSIDY JULIO, will to…

Evan Lehman: Title of tallest Lehman at San Marcos

Kayla Julio: My room

Heerad K: The ability to write your last name on papers.

Ms. Julio: Gossiping with Mr. Oftedal about Kayla

Mr. Oftedal: My name, can’t wait to meet Baby Cassidy  



Daniel Pirooz: Senior priority, goldfish and dried mango, a spot on the couch during meetings, Santa Rosa memories

Junior yearbook editors: The responsibility of the entire yearbook, loading pages, deadline stress, an entire hot mess

Riley Bream: Title of “Coolest Car at San Marcos”

Bradley: A super cool physics ramp, the second most creative wiffle ball launcher, the lesson to never teach a self paced class again

Willbanks: Many empty bags of chocolate

AP Physics 2 freshmen: Mr. Bradley. Take care of him


I, ERIC HEIDNER, will to…

Shae Ashamalla: My vintage collection of crocs ranging from high-tops to Lightning McQueen, 3 pounds of lucky charm marshmallows, and an unlimited supply of edgy memes

Riley Bream: My vast assortment Birds Aren’t Real Propaganda and $2

Ryan Carroll: Literally nothing

Srikar Madineni: A Cookbook on “Indian Cuisine” and an accompanying picture of your big brother Ishaan

Lara Willbanks: A 3 volume series containing all of my graphics knowledge

Jarrod Bradley: 5 Steps To A Five (With 5 answer multiple choice)



Ryan Carroll: Lots of luck, and some old notebooks.

Shae Ashamalla and Riley Bream: The entire responsibility of next year’s yearbook.

Willbanks: A million thank yous, and a couple bags of candy (those will get you through a week).

Kate Merrill: The energy to keep looking as cute as you do everyday.



Brooks: All of the tardies you will receive when you don’t have me to wake you up for school

Alex, Jayden, Margot, Andy, Alexi and Bryan: Multivariable calculus, whoever replaces Egbert, and CRAPS

Simone: Paul and the entire San Marcos girls lacrosse program

Leslie and Kaelia: Sustained involvement in something unique


I, LYLA KROCK, will to..

Will Lipman: Pansies, D’Angelo meals, basic human interaction skills, Rocky my bb boy, heebie jeebies, all of my study supplies, and your mom

Clayton: Quiso, new baby chickens 😦 , sick hand tattoos, DI4J

Kyle Rheinschild: A haircut, some sort of drive to help you finish high school

Kaila Bermudes: My “boys are dessert, not the entrée” playlist, emotional letters, and an open invite to my Cal dorm

Niko: Happiness, all the burritos El Pastorcito has to offer, Macy (as your next year homecoming date)

Aidan Banan: Chair of the AAPLE kids caring day committee. You’re welcome.

Jesi Rabinowitz: A nice boy





Emily Vesper: A never-ending supply of mosh pits to jump into, full control of the AUX,

$5 to assist with your insane library fines, and many many hugs from me to last you until I get back

Niko Cvitanic: My box of paints and magazines, exploratory hikes in the museum backyard, and an infinite number of dance parties

Harrison Fell: A better food option for dinner than P.F Chang’s or hotel sushi, our dying JSA chapter, Anna’s google doc of debate topics, a suit jacket that actually fits, and all the best speaker gavels in the world

Summer Slotnick-Lastrico: The comics sections of the King’s Page, Discord stock, a shoutout on Tumblr

Skylar Yonemura and Lily Poelther: The wasp bite, a how-to guide on iMovie for your documentary (good luck), a sustained involvement in something unique, and all my love and support for you two in these next few years of high school

Lesley Drucker: My number, so that you can call me up when you inevitably end up running for President and need someone to run your campaign

Mr. Oftedal: An infinite number of desks to shake, students who won’t fall asleep on movie nights, my mother’s recipe for mole enchiladas, and a very big thank you for everything

Mr. Ohrn: My two arms so that you may always dub with them, a new Director of Feelings that can actually organize the binder, and a plethora of tiny coffee cups

Mr. Ricci: A student who knows how to get to class on time, an indestructible hip, Creekside Cafe, and a class who can actually pass the leadership portfolio



Chloe Spievak: The Prius (don’t get it nasty), Stickman, the ever-elusive paper, and maybe a bunny.

Ms. Scully: Someone else to have lunchtime talks with and make you laugh, new friends and experiences in Edinburgh, and the only portfolio that I ever passed.

Mr. Ricci: A student that just does assignments (even when they don’t make sense), new book series that get progressively better instead of worse, at least one undisrupted class, and someone that keeps things interesting.



Carmen Bordofsky: The King’s Page

Kate Merrill: h

Alex Manion: Sofia Crippa


I, BLAKE BARON, will to…

Mr. Ohrn: My beloved opinion section  

Carmen Bordofsky: Cameron Baron



Mr. Ohrn: Adoption papers

Harrison Fell: My knowledge of the Torah

Noah Silverberg: My prodigious tennis ability



Aidan Speake: 1/2 ownership of the “family vape”, our photo with John Palminteri, and my stupid sense of humor

Will Mundell: The other 1/2 ownership of the “family vape”, my accident-proneness, and a ruined prom experience which you so desperately wanted

Connor Hess: Title of “Most Perfect Jawline” and an alarm clock so that you can wake up on time

Jacob Snodress: The future of the Track & Field team

Ben McAvene: Inevitable fame and fortune and my alt/indie vibes playlist

Kaylee Eubank: The “speed demon” that is my 2001 Honda Accord (until I get back from college) and temporary freedom from having to deal with having an older brother.

Mr. Koroshec: A new graphic designer for RFASST and the ability to relax from time to time

Mr. Oftedal: A bag of cough drops for when your throat gets sore from all your yelling

Mrs. Bagdanov: Simon’s inevitable success and patience to deal with Caleb’s antics

Mr. Ohrn: The world’s best espresso and an actual quote from outside the Kings’ Page


I, MAURA MANNIX, will to…

Katie Johnson: A hello in the hall

Riley Bream: All the bread, pasta, tortillas and donuts you can eat

Flo: Every bed to mess up and absolutely no chairs to sit on

Anna Kirk: A nice puff of any prop you want 😉

Jakob Miller: The senior speech I didn’t have the courage to give along with a humble hug

Yayo: A personal butler to hold all your belongings

Mrs. Ashton: Spring 2018 period three biology class, it may now go down in history for being the most chaotic and random class ever created

Mr. Ohrn: More enthusiastic students of these weeks

Sophie Stransburg: Less stairs and more accessible ramps


I, KELLY COULSON, will to…

Fiona Kinsella: The Girls Tennis team. Lead them to another Channel League Championship title!

Samantha De Alba: My many smiles, laughs, and cheerful disposition.

Masato Perera: All my computer science codes and projects. Gotta keep that GPA as high as Kento and Yuka.

Bali Lavine & Amanda Avila: The job of laughing at Jonny’s and everyone else’s jokes even when they are not funny.

Jackie Gutierrez: My unparalleled Link Crew leader skills and all the effort trying to get the kids excited to play games.

Mr. Koroshec: My poetry essay.

Mr. Ohrn: A less random group of Law class students and a better audience for Friday jokes.

SMHS Girls Tennis: My thumbs so you can always have a double thumbs up.



Catherine Pizzinat: Being continually tardy, Gerald, driving to Starbucks while listening to Disney and laughing through the pain during long hours of rehearsal. Continue my legacy as the clumsiest person alive. And, a senior year accompanied by San Marcos senior Clara Morando.

Eva (Eeva) Moschitto: Designing things on Canva – you have my blessing to use whatever colors you want – and laughing at memes while ignoring all real responsibilities.

Tessa Storr, Ella Rotondo, Adrienne Cruse (Cruz): The Company and the friends to make it through high school (and dance) together. Stick together, make the next two years the best of your lives. Say hi to the pals at festival for us, Alejandro etc… Create the next Summer in da Sun.

Ruth Baker: Continual happiness and flexibility with all the crazy curveballs a life full of dance and singing will throw at you.

Emily Steidl: My name.

Mr. Koroshec: Time to relax, enjoy time with your family, and all the Conversation submissions you could ever dream of.

Saleh: An hour a day to vent, and get a venti chai latte and an iced lemon pound cake from Starbucks, you deserve it. And someone to write you cute little notes that will accumulate on your fancy standing desk – thanks PTA.

Mr. Oftedal: A TA that can make a mediocre Rainbow vocabulary wall just like mine.


I, IAN COPE, will to…

Merrick Larbig: The chair. Forever and always. Good placement. The ability to draw.

Tyler Martindale: The absolute and total responsibility of bringing us back to Staples Center — and a shoulder that doesn’t kill itself every 8 months.

Jack Lawrence: My lungs, so you might make it until you’re 18. Big boi hits. The ability to carry our defense next year with Diebold and Ami on your back (somehow.)

Luke Griswell: Speaker responsibilities, fair and honest NCHL goals, and 5 million Arabs yelling cowabunga.

Cole Schroeder: The ability to stay out of the box for longer than 6 minutes at a time.

Tyler Dahneke: The best quotes in the King’s Page of all time.

Mr. Ohrn: All the dubs one could ever ask for.

Mr. Malloy: A life of adventures that even Lin would be proud of. Good health for your family. Golf rounds with Shane.

Mr. Ricci: Moa Kaneohe Sandwiches, hockey games, and some relative peace and quiet at Islands.

Paul Feller: My spot. It’s all yours, man. The ability to win in Clash Royale.



Riley Bream: My whole heart, Woody, stage management, thrifting, San Roque Gardens, the strength to make it through senior year, the perfect shark tattoo, English 111, a non-problematic partner in crime, obese cats, the future of the yearbook, Mr. Koroshec, all my love

Madia Quevedo: English 111, Marian, the man of your dreams, pp

Shae Ashamalla: English 111, Marian, Eric, the future of the yearbook, our moms

Sophie Strasburg: Healthy limbs, the soundboard, Winnie the Pooh onesies, my support

Katie Ohrn: The cutest giggles, the light board, Brad

Taylor Klassen: Vegan food, thrift treasures, sass

Flo Garcia: The fly rail, fresh haircuts, encouraging hugs

Carmen Bordofsky: Flower fields, an enviable Instagram feed, the King’s Page

McKenna Gemberling: The future of the musical

Tyler Martindale: Barb, Mi Hoy Minoy

Woody: My endless gratitude, Ted, of course, the ideal tattoos  

Mr. Ohrn: Relaxation – you deserve a break, dedicated students – you deserve people who work hard, a good Cubs season, dad jokes

Mr. Koroshec: A less stressful school year, more date-nights with your wife, students who appreciate your classes


I, NINA HUFFMAN, will to…

Jack Huffman: healthy habits and smart decisions.

Max Kadlec: all my love plus some extra math skills.

Kaila Bermudes: Creekside and more boys.

Summer Slotnick-Lastrico: Look to Lance.

Mr. Ohrn: Someone to run The King’s Page for you and bring you lunch, and good baseball.


I, RYAN FISHMAN, will too…

Lance Sterndhal: A gruesome staph infection

Evan Lehman: My galaxy skin

Lulu: Wrestling shoes

Daniel: Shared custody of our pet squirrel Bernardo


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