First Football Game Dub

San Marcos High school First Football Game of the Season

ALL STAFF 2019-2020 

All Writer

Things are looking up for the San Marcos Royals varsity football team as they brought home the first win of the new season. On Friday night, August 23, San Marcos defeated Santa Paula by a score of 36 – 14. The Werkington Stadium was flooded by a sea of red and blue as the adoring fans watched the varsity team defeat the Santa Paula team. Along with cheering until their voices went horse, the student body section joined in with a rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” during a successful play. As they sang, the stadium lit up with phone flashlights that shone down on the victorious Royals. It was so loud that the loudspeaker announcements of the scores was reduced to a mere whisper. 

San Marcos’ new principal, Dr. Kip Glazer, was also in the audience and was very impressed by the amount of school spirit. 

“There is something to say about school spirit when we all come together and support the players,” said Dr. Glazer. 

One of the many new steps that Dr. Glazer wants to take as principal is improving San Marcos school support and pride. During the school day before the game, teachers were asked to wear a football jersey to support the players on campus. At the beginning of the game, the team was welcomed on the field by a crowd of cheering teachers adorned in their jerseys.

“I enjoyed it [the game] very much,” said social studies teacher, Ms. Verhoeven. “My favorite part was that everyone’s spirits were lifted by the jerseys.” 

This is just one of the many ways that Dr. Glazer and the teachers have begun to boost school morale. To make these new steps, Dr. Glazer has vowed to be “the biggest cheerleader” for all of our clubs, sports teams, and chorus groups. 

The football players were not only cheered on by faculty and staff, but by the largest turnout in the student section since 2017. 

“My favorite part was when we started off strong and hounded up,” said junior linebacker Jorge Medina. “We came out in the first quarter ready to win.” 

Even after the first quarter, the team was still fighting to bring San Marcos it’s first win. When the fourth quarter came to an end, San Marcos had won by a whopping 22 points. The crowd rushed the field in celebration.

“It was great to play in such a fun atmosphere,” said senior quarterback, Ben Partee. “[The crowd] kept us all pumped up and ready to go all game long.” 

A new addition to the stadium are big pictures of the players along the fence leading down to the field. When asked about this, Mr. Jahadhmy, the Athletic Director explained that the idea came from what the baseball team did last year.

“They [the pictures] looked great and the players were really stoked,” said Mr. Jahadhmy.

The audience members were also provided with programs that had pictures of the varsity team, the junior varsity team, the cheer team, the band, and the performers in the color guard. The program also had a schedule of the home and away games. 

Along with the pictures on the fence, the players also made a grand entrance to the field at the first quarter. The varsity team ran through an inflatable tunnel while the teachers and students cheered from the stadium. 

“We wanted to give the students and players something to call their own,” said Varsity Head Coach, Jason Fowle. “It helps with the game day atmosphere”. 

The team was also provided with new helmets decorated with the San Marcos logo in red and blue. The tunnel and the helmets help with the team mentality, however when asked about who the star players of the game were, Coach Fowle’s response truly explained how a team works. 

“The star of the team is the team,” said Coach Fowle. 

The next football games are on August 30th at Santa Maria High School, on September 6th at San Luis Obispo High School, and on September 13 at Nordhoff High School. The next home game is our San Marcos High School Homecoming Game on September 20th at 7:00pm. Bring your friends, get ready to cheer, and don’t forget to wear red as we beat Channel Islands! Go Royals! 





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