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As the United States moves towards another election year in November, the Republican and Democratic parties prepare to choose a candidate to run for the 2020 presidency. For many seniors and some juniors this upcoming election will be the first time that you can vote. Currently, there is a wide range of candidates including city mayors and former vice presidents who are currently competing for delegates in various state primaries and caucuses. Here at the King’s Page, we are providing you with a brief summary of the current candidates to help keep you informed about this presidential race. 



Though there are currently two Republicans in the running for their party’s candidate, our current President Donald Trump looks to easily beat former governor of Massachusetts William M. Field, as Trump looks towards reelection.


Donald J. Trump


Currently serving as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump is a former reality television star and businessman who is looking to win his second term of presidency. He won the presidency in 2016 in a surprising victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in which he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. One of the main achievements of Trump’s presidency was a large tax cut. The economy has also been on the rise and unemployment has decreased. In his bid for presidency in 2016, he promised he would dismantle policies implemented by former President Obama and he has worked to do so as he worked to repeal Obama Care, and also make changes to immigration and environmental laws. President Trump has also negotiated a large number of trade deals, such as a revised version of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada and a trade deal with China. Trump’s presidency began with controversy as reports of collusion with Russia in helping to win the presidency emerged and were eventually proved false. Recently an impeachment trial ended in the Senate as the Democratic led Congress found him guilty of obstruction of congress and abuse of power. President Trump has a substantial conservative following and will be a difficult opponent for the Democrats in the upcoming election. 




Compared to the Republican party, there are a large number of Democratic candidates with eight remaining in the running. 


Joe Biden:


Joe Biden is the former Vice President under President Barack Obama as well as a former senator from Delaware. In the Democratic race he is as of late February he was polling second behind Bernie Sanders at 16% as he had disappointing showings in the New Hampshire and Iowa caucuses. However, following a victory in South Carolina, Biden’s campaign has regained a large amount of momentum. At the age of 77, Biden would be our oldest president ever if he was elected. This is Biden’s third attempt to earn a presidential nomination as he was a candidate in 1988 and 2008. For Biden, health care is extremely important as he served under Obama during the passing of the Affordable Care Act. If elected president he hopes to build on Obama Care, providing options similar to Medicare. Biden immigration laws are in line with that of the moderate Democrats and he wants to create an economy that helps the middle class with the implementation of a $15 minimum wage and the repeal of Trump’s tax cuts. 


Pete Buttigieg:


Pete Buttigieg is the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the youngest of the candidates.  He is a veteran who fought in Afghanistan and is viewed as a moderate Democrat. Though his political experience is limited when compared to the other candidates, his success in the Iowa and New Hampshire caucasus’ has made him a front runner.  If he was to win the Democratic nomination, he would be the first gay presidential candidate. His health care plan is called “medicare for all who want it.” He is working to create a universal health care system while still allowing citizens the ability to purchase private insurance.  Economically he shares moderate democratic views as he advocates for unions and opening up avenues for economic growth in less fortunate areas.  


Bernie Sanders:


Bernie Sanders is a long time Vermont Senator and was defeated by Hilary Clinton in the Democratic race in 2016. He considers himself a democratic socialist, advocating for free college, a $15 minimum wage and Medicare for all. He is outspoken against large corporations and billionaires, while his own net worth has been called into question by other candidates. He has been extremely successful in Iowa and New Hampshire, winning the New Hampshire primary. Due to his socialist views he has had trouble garnering support from the moderate democrats, while his proposals such as the elimination of student debt has been met with a large amount of criticism. However, he has assembled a loyal group of supporters that have helped to propel him in the current race and with good projections in the California primary, Sanders may have an extremely successful Super Tuesday.


Elizabeth Warren:


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, was seen as an early front runner for the Democratic race. However, she has not performed well in the early caucuses, causing her to lose some momentum. Though she has declared herself a capitalist, she has called for large amounts of regulation on powerful corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. She supports Bernie Sanders Medicare for all health plans but her endorsement drew backlash from moderate democrats because of its high cost which is estimated at $20 trillion according to the Los Angeles Times. She is also a supporter of the Green New Deal which has a goal of making America totally reliable on renewable energy. Currently, she is lacking support from Latino and African American groups and will need to make some campaign adjustments to stay competitive in the race. 


Mike Bloomberg:


Mike Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York and the co-founder and CEO of the multi-media company Bloomberg L.P.. He joined the Democratic race late, taking part in his first debate on February 19 in Las Vegas Nevada in which he was heavily criticised by his rivals for certain Non-Disclosure Agreements that he made with women at his company and the policy of the stop and frisk policing in New York. He suffered heavily in the debate and was not on the ballot in Nevada. Additionally, Bloomberg’s late entrance into the race and trouble with receiving support from various minorities require him to have a huge showing on Super Tuesday in order to stay in the race.  With a net worth of over $60 billion, Bloomberg has spent nearly $500 million on a major advertisement campaign. Bloomberg would like to expand Obamacare as he is an opponent of Sanders “Medicare for All” plan. He wants to work on an earned income tax for all Americans to help increase income with actions such as a $15 minimum wage. Bloomberg is founder of Everytown for Gun Safety as he actively works against the National Rifle Association and he also has worked to fight climate change. 


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