Fun Games To Stay Connected Virtually

Writer: Luna Kirsch

Editor: Emma Tracwell

Health regulations set to ensure that our community is safe and healthy have been useful in stopping the spread of coronavirus and hopefully shortened the duration of the quarantine all families in the area have been under. Although all this is good for securing that the virus ceases to spread, we find ourselves rather bored after weeks of being alone in our homes with rules keeping us away from our friends. Children have been spending quality time with their families, going on nature strolls, exercising, and doing really all sorts of other things to keep themselves occupied while away from school and friends. In reality, none of these things compare to seeing friends, even the 6ft apart rule which really isn’t the same thing as seeing people face on and spending quality time with them at all. FaceTiming comes closest to the real thing. When really coming down to one’s wits end on boredom and borderline insanity, there are many fun games one can play over FaceTime with friends. Think of it as a virtual board game party. Over text, group iMessage games on GamePigeon give a wide variety of options for virtual games on your phone and certain online games in the App Store allow for many people to be involved in one game at a time. GamePigeon over iMessage has games for two players and above, so multiple people in a group chat can play all together. Some popular games on GamePigeon include digital 8ball, cup pong, darts, archery, basketball, four in a row, paintball, knockout, word hunt, filler, crazy 8, and many many more. Apart from playing games over FaceTime such as Heads Up, HeadBandz, Chess, Checkers, and others or playing individual games such as Fruit Ninja or Crossy Road and comparing high scores, the App Store has done an amazing job in offering virtual games to play with friends for little to no price! With popular, fun games such as Monopoly, What Do You Meme, and others available for many people to play at once, it makes the experience more fun and comes with the bonus of being free of charge for download. Many people are taking advantage of this tempting opportunity while they are quarantined away from their friends. Sophomore at SBHS, Madison Tuckman, and I have been playing the virtual version of What Do You Meme and Maddy says, “It’s really fun to play and it keeps you occupied and close to your friends in this time where you’re starting to run out of much else to do.”

I’ve really enjoyed playing with her and I would recommend this game and others to people who need some more entertainment in their lives at this time. This type of digital connection through games will most likely pursue past the quarantine for coronavirus because it is really fun and makes it easy to feel connected and entertained with family and friends who may be living abroad. I highly recommend this and feel like everyone should at least check it out. Stay connected and stay healthy!


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