The Live Action Mulan Comes to Disney+


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The promotional logo for Mulan. Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Live-action Mulan was released on Disney+ September 4th. But it wasn’t just exclusive for those who have bought the Disney+ watch this movie you would have to purchase it for $30 on top of the monthly cost of a Disney+ account. Many are now waiting for a theatrical release unwilling to pay, yet some die heart Disney fans couldn’t and bought the new movie. So, what should you expect from this new live-action? And why did Disney charge those extra costs? 

Many still remember first ever seeing live-action Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin, and just recently Lion King. They were magical and many made over $1 billion in the box office. Numerous students though, refusing to give into the extra fee on top of the account. Stating they will wait the long haul for the movie for cheaper pricing and a better experience.  

“I think that the Beauty and the Beast movie was really good, but I’m looking forward to watching the new Mulan,” said freshman Evelyn Van Bogelen.

Disney was continually postponing the new movie since theaters have been closed for the pandemic hoping to wait it out and get another big box office breakthrough. With the wait straining out, Disney decided to see how a movie would do if it was released with an additional charge. Disney said that the movie will be out in theaters, and on non-primer Disney+ accounts December 4th. 

Watching Mulan. Olivia Marceda/The King‘s Page

“This movie is not exactly something we have seen before. It’s the same storyline, just a more accurate one from the old folks’ tale,” said freshman Zoe Javanbakht, who has seen the new release.

Mulan has many raving reviews but also many have stated it is not worth the purchase. As students already know, this movie is not going to be exactly like the cartoon version that was released in 1998. It has taken out the musical asset, some favorite characters like Eddie Murphy’s character, Mushu, and added another antagonist. Numerous are disappointed, but many are very curious about how this is changing and affecting the original movie. Especially since this PG movie is now rated PG13. 

Overall, the movie is not going to please everyone, if you are wanting to watch this to see just people reenact the original movie this is not it. This movie is another take on the story, representing more of the Chinese culture, and making it also a bit more historical,  unlike the original old folks tale. The real question is, are you going to watch this movie?



Staff Writer

Olivia is a freshman at San Marcos High School…

Olivia is a freshman at San Marcos…

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