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The reopening of San Marcos not only included in person classes, but also school sports. All team sports at San Marcos started the reopening process as of March 6th, and as of April every sport has now resumed practices and games. With the rearrangement of certain team’s seasons and the necessary COVID-19 precautions being taken, the athletic aspect of San Marcos has been able to become an essential part of our school community again.

Being able to start every school sport again was about a month long process. Since each sport has different requirements and guidelines, such as the area the sport is played in, equipment needed, or the level or human contact involved, sports opened slowly as COVID-19 regulations changed. According to San Marcos athletic director Mr. Jahadhmy, the first sport to open was cross country, beginning on March 6th. Cross country is a very low contact sport, and meets and practices are held in large outdoor areas. Eventually, other low risk sports began to open up such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, and waterpolo. Unfortunately, these Fall sports had very short seasons and were not able to have many games. Students and coaches for waterpolo were required to take COVID-19 tests each week to ensure safety. The last sports to open up were indoor, high contact sports that required a gym. These sports also require weekly COVID-19 tests. For all sports, masks are worn at all times, temperatures are taken, and social distancing is practiced to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19.

Senior Kaily Wipf prepares to return a ball. Image courtesy of Hannah Bordofsky

Some teams, for sports that would usually take place in the Fall, moved their season to the spring. One of these teams includes girls tennis, both varsity and junior varsity. They began practicing again in February, and started competing in early April. With this rescheduling, the team can still have the opportunity to have a normal season, and participate in practices and games against other schools.

When speaking with members of the girls tennis team, all of them were very excited to be back on the courts. Their team is very diverse in terms of grade level, and have a large amount of new freshmen on the team. The players feel that their season is going very well, and have lots of fun at practices with supportive teammates. 

“Getting back into playing has been very exciting for me. I enjoy being with the team and practicing with everyone every day,” says junior and varsity player Rachel Rabinowitz.

 Being able to take part in team sports again allows students to gain the sense of community that did not come with online school and quarantining. Many enjoy getting to partake in activities with several people again. However, teams are still making it a priority to stay Covid-safe.

“Some precautions we have been taking are wearing masks on the courts, hand sanitizing stations, and we take our temperature when we walk in,” says freshman and JV player Lyla Bronstad. 

The San Marcos Girls Tennis Team. Image courtesy of Hannah Bordofsky

Lyla is one of many freshmen participating in tennis this year, having it as their first experience with San Marcos sports. Overall, the team hopes that they can return in the fall to a totally normal, and Covid-19 free season.

For the girls tennis team, the opening of school sports has meant getting back to practice in a safe manner. The reopening of team sports at San Marcos is a big step forward for campus life returning back to normal.



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