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Attention all Demi Lovato fans, Demi Lovato has released her brand new album Dancing with the Devil: The art of Starting Over. Her album shines a light on her substance abuse, her overdose back in 2018, and her broken engagement. This album is important because it lets her fans know about her life and how she is still overcoming her demons. Dancing with the Devil: The art of Starting Over released on April 2nd and you can listen to her album on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 

Dancing with the Devil: The art of Starting Over can be a co-part with Lovato’s docuseries Dancing with the Devil on YouTube. Her docuseries Dancing with the Devil explains her harboring past and over a range of topics throughout her life. This docuseries is told by Demi herself because she wanted to set the record straight. The series is about her substance abuse, relapse, recovery, and the music industry. In the series she explains that she has experienced tremendous ‘‘growth’’ during her experiences and wants to share it with others. She also wants to help people who are going through similar struggles.

Dancing with the Devil: The art of Starting Over is a 19 track album and each song has a different topic throughout Lovato’s life. Each song can tell a different story and forms a very emotional storyline of Demi’s life. This album is like a timeline of the last three years Demi Lovato has gone through. From struggling with an eating disorder to substance abuse and having a heart attack, Demi Lovato can be seen as a role model to others who are going through the same struggles as her. 

In a recent interview with People magazine, Demi Lovato talks about how writing this album taught her to love herself and to be happy in her life. She hopes that listeners will feel the same way for themselves. Over the course of her recovery, she has discovered some stuff about herself and learns about her own sexuality. 

“I realize that I never want to settle for anything less than what makes me feel absolutely amazing,” said singer, Demi Lovato. “This album helped me fall in love with myself because I have never been able to really feel super confident and stable on my own.”

As a music listener, listening to this album shows how much Demi Lovato has grown throughout the obstacles of her life. Each song is a powerful message throughout her life and addictions. My favorite song from her album is Met Him Last Night featuring Ariana Grande. Met Him Last Night discusses how Demi Lovato fell into her addictions and demons and it also explains how other people can fall into addictions without realizing it. An interesting fact about Met Him Last Night is that Ariana Grande actually wrote it, not Demi Lovato.

“She’s a close friend of mine, so she knew my story pretty well, and so when she started writing this song, she actually thought of me,” said singer, Demi Lovato. “She wrote the song with me in mind, and then she played it for me and I was like, ‘I love it, you should just stay on the track.’’

I really recommend for people to listen to this album because not only is it good but it just tells a story about someone’s life and struggles that they have faced. Remember you can listen to Dancing with the Devil: The art of Starting Over on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming services. 

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