Look To Lance—May 2021 Edition


SMHS Mascot & Guest King’s Page Staff Writer

Look To Lance is a monthly advice column featured in The King’s Page. All questions and answers are 100% anonymous. For advice on friendships, relationships, school, food, fashion, or anything else, drop a question in Lance’s askbox at thekingspage.com.

Lancelot. Image courtesy of San Marcos.

It’s been in the  news that the COVID vaccine was approved for ages 12 and up. Everyone around me has either received or is getting it. I have always been ready to get mine but now that I’m actually eligible, I’m hesitant. What should I do? Is the COVID vaccine safe for younger people?


Royally Hesitant

Hey there,

It makes sense you are nervous about the shot. Whether you have a phobia of needles, the long-term effects, the unknown, etc. No matter what, research has been done. Since the vaccine was originally administered to people 16+ there have not been any horrible side-effects definitely from the vaccine. Right now the Pfizer vaccine is the only one approved for adolescents 12 and up; it’s also said to be the most trusted. Simply put, these are the facts we know: the long term effects of the Coronavirus is bad, the shot minimizes your chances of getting the virus, if more people get the vaccine, the faster the world can go back to a sense of normalcy, and millions of people have gotten the vaccine and have survived. Yes, we do not know the long-term effects but in history, an unfortunate long-term effect from a vaccine happened only once and that was a long time ago. Our technology has improved mass amounts. Not only that, trust that the FDA is doing their job, people there would not want to cause harm to anyone for money, they want everyone to get the (safest) vaccine so that the Coronavirus does not cause any more grief. With that, they are accepting walk-ins at the Goleta branch and you can schedule an appointment online for anywhere else that is giving out vaccinations. Good luck!

I’m sure a lot of people are in the same boat but it doesn’t feel like it. All my family members knew what they wanted to do in the future but here I am: a senior, knowing what college I’m going to but I still don’t know what I’m majoring in! Thoughts?


Major S’Major

Hey there,

You are absolutely right! Many, many students are in the same boat as you. Almost 20-50% of people go to college without knowing their major. That’s exactly why there is an option to say that your major is undecided. Plus, how could anyone expect you to know what you want to do with your life at such a young age? Maybe you have not found your calling yet, while your family found it earlier on, which is totally okay. There is no rush to choose a major. My advice is to choose something you love to do and are happy doing for a long time. It’s a plus if it makes a lot of money too but don’t base your decision on that. And, when you do choose a major, you can always change it!

With COVID-19 and everything, prom seems like it will be lame. My girlfriend can’t come because she’s an underclassman and my friends from DP and SB can’t come either. Is it even worth going?


Mas-k-erade Questioner

Hey there,

It’s really up to you whether you decide to go or not. I can inform you about the fun activities that will be a prom that you’ll miss if you don’t go though. Prizes will be rewarded such as: gift cards for Blenders, coffee at Java or Goleta Coffee, Crushcakes, Mesa Burger, Creekside, and more. Other prizes such as gift certificates to Deckers, $100 at Evolutions Spa, bikes, Powell Peralta items, a new laptop, and even more. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Besides winning something, it is also an opportunity to dress up nice, dance, hang out with (other) friends. Think of it this way, last year some kids were so sad they didn’t get to have a prom, this year you have the privilege to get one! Take it. If you do decide to go, hurry! The tickets are very close to being sold out! (Remember to check the guidelines, too.)