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Along with the transition back into the orange tier and students returning to in-person learning, the decrease in school sport protocol has marked a significant step back into normalcy. Bigger cohorts, consistent practice times, and away games have returned for SM athletics. After a year of stressful inconsistency, how has this change once again affected students and staff at SM?

“We’ve finally gotten back into the Gym after not playing for 13 months and are excited to be getting the opportunity to play and work hard this season,” says SM Varsity volleyball player and Junior Evan Shinn. “Kudos to Coach Kuntz for running a great volleyball program here at San Marcos.”

Although the rest of the season will be cut short, I’m sure teams are excited to practice and build up their skills again for a strong return season in the following year.

“I’m really excited to have a full regular season next year. Although we were able to have something, I miss having the crowds and excitement of a normal game,” says SM Varsity cheerleader and Junior Lily Landeros.

Apart from coaches and athletes, I’m sure students will be excited to have the return of a normal football season and be able to watch the games and get back that school spirit as we root for our royals.

“As both a club and high school athlete, returning to almost normal has added a lot of things back into my life that I had almost forgotten how much of my time they take up. […] Getting to reconnect with so many people that I haven’t talked to in over [a year] has been really nice, and every event and practice I can tell that I’m growing all of my friendships that I had to put on hold due to covid. Having shorter seasons has been kind of a bummer, but it was still fun to start growing stronger as a team and preparing for hopefully a full season next year,” says SM Junior Varsity swimmer and Sophomore Mathew Demboski. “I am really excited to see how the athletics programs will continue to evolve and adapt to the constantly changing circumstances that covid is putting us in.”

In regard to the sports livestream, SM staff member Aaron Solis says, “[The] live stream has been mostly on the same YouTube channel as Royal Report ( […] We now have a camera in the gym that we set to live stream all varsity games/matches in the gym. On May 17th, it is scheduled for a camera to be installed in the stadium to live stream all of those games.” He adds, “So if there are any Juniors, Sophs, or Frosh interested in Sports Broadcasting, come see me in I-9.”

It sounds like the coaches and student athletes are grateful and excited to be able to get back to playing their school sports. We’re all excited to see how our athletes will do in the remaining season and in the following year with the full return.


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