How To Make An Origami Butterfly


Sports Editor

These are super cute and easy to make origami butterflies that you only need a sticky note to make!

First, start with your sticky note and crease it into four tiny squares by folding it in half twice.

Second, fold across the sticky note twice as directed through the markings.

Third, (and this is the trickiest part!) fold in half, and then with the bottom and top mini triangles-make an inside fold to crease in.

Fourth, begin to fold up the creases of the front of the tiny triangles and bend in half to make a crease.

Lastly to help it stand up on its own, crease the back behind the two flips.

There you have it! Make sure to follow the images in which the step referred few.


Olivia Marceda is a junior at San Marcos High School…

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