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Fall fashion has been around for a long time now. Fall is the time to be fashionable and cozy. Get comfortable in your oversized sweaters and your favorite denim pants. Make your outfits even better by wearing warm colors such as autumn maple, avocado green, and harvest gold. 

Everyone has their own taste in fashion and it makes us wonder, what are these preferences? Let’s see a high school student’s thoughts on fall fashion.

Lucia Mognis, a high school student at San Marcos Highschool, says that “Getting to wear comfortable sweaters is the best part of fall fashion.” 

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Fall is all about getting out of the house “in your UGGS, jeans, and sweater,” to drink some coffee at your favorite cafe. But sweaters aren’t the only fashionable thing in 2022. Trendy clothing and footwear such as ankle boots with no socks, thick coats, leather jackets, and more!

Lucia says that “warm colors make autumn unique and different from the other seasons.” 

In conclusion, Fall is the season to get cozy and embrace your own personal styles so have fun with it.

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