The Craziest Plays of NFL Week 4


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The Fourth Week of  the NFL blew by and the Craziness has no look of  stopping. There

are streaking fans getting pancaked by players, Running Backs being put at quarterback,

concussions, Doctors being fired because of those concussions, and much more.

Starting off, Tua Tagovailoa quarterback of the Miami dolphins has a concussion after two hard hits to the head in two consecutive games. In week 3 the Miami Dolphins played the Buffalo Bills and when Tua took a sack his head hit the turf hard and he was taken out of the game until the second half when a neurological doctor cleared him to play in the second half. Four days later on the next Thursday the Dolphins played the Cincinnati Bengals where the Quarterback to a sack and was thrown down with his head aggressively hitting the ground again, this time the quarterback did not get up, his hands were stuck in a way that signals head trauma and he was then taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The quarterback flew back to Miami after being diagnosed with a concussion and being cleared of any serious injury. The doctor who cleared Tagovailoa to play was fired and the NFL has started to review its concussion protocols, to improve player safety. 

Sophomore Ayden Welch, a Dolphins fan said when asked about how he feels the team will do now. “We’re probably going to lose every game until Tua is back,” and “We have a lot of weapons offensively, but Teddy Bridgewater is just not it.” 

       The Giants played the Chicago Bears on Sunday and the game did not go as expected. Saquon Barkley the Giants Star running back had to go in at Quarterback for a couple of plays, Daniel Jones hurt his ankle, and went back in but while he was out they had the RB go to QB. In an interview with reporters he said, “Like you were 8 years old, playing with your friends, on Sunday getting ready drawing it up…” He said this because the Giants coach was drawing the plays that they were running on the spot.

For the other scores of the week, the Bengals beat the Dolphins 27-15, the Vikings beat the Saints 28-25, Seahawks beat the Lions who almost came back from a massive score 48-45, Jets beat the Steelers 24-20, Titans beat the Colts 24-17, Falcons beat the Browns 23-20 with a field goal at the end of the game, cowboys beat the Commanders 25-10, Eagles won against the Jaguars 29-21, Cardinals won against the Panthers 26-16, Raiders beat the Broncos 32-23, Packers won against the Patriots in a close buzzer beating win 27-24, Chiefs beat the Buccaneers 41-31, and the Super Bowl Champion Rams got blown out by the San Francisco 49ers 24-9.

That is it for the 4th crazy week of the NFL. Hopefully the headache inducing buffoonery will end sometime soon and the games will be good, on to week 5.

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