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NBA Playoffs

SHANE KADLEC Staff Writer The NBA playoffs are off to the races and it’s currently looking very competitive. So far, many of the series have been intriguing and exciting. Especially in the […]

Cap Decorating

VICTORIA LEYVA Lifestyle Editor My whole life has seemed to live up to this one huge moment… graduation! As a senior with outrageous senioritis, there is nothing more exciting than graduation and […]

Spazzy Wazzy Victory

JONAH ASKEW Staff Writer  The San Marcos dodgeball tournament has come to an end, and the Spazzy Wazzy’s have been crowned champions. The Spazzy Wazzy’s were led by captain Wyatt Miller, with […]

Look to Lance

ELIZABETH LÉKA Opinion Editor Dear Lance, How do you make friends without seeming weird? Sincerely, Fantastical Franny Dear Fantastical Franny, Seeming ‘weird’ is a matter of perception. The only way you are […]