Dillon Stave: Master of Youtube

GEORGIA LAWSON Online Editor-in-Chief We live in society. A society in which the influence of digitized video media has surpassed much of what has traditionally been significant to us as consumers of online content. Platforms like Youtube have greatly assisted the mainstreamization of this concept which has huge implications on our population. The classes of … Continue reading Dillon Stave: Master of Youtube


Sun or Snow?

Sun or Snow This Spring Break MIA CANNIZZARO Staff Writer   Spring Break is a great time to vacation with friends and family. Whether you are staying local or traveling far, you can make wonderful memories and take a much needed break from school. In California there are some great snowy places to travel to. … Continue reading Sun or Snow?

90’s Fashion Making a Comeback?

90’s Fashion Making a Comeback? ALONDRA HERNANDEZ Staff Writer   With so many new trends appearing in modern everyday day life, many have seem to forgotten the old ones, until now. Fashion from the 90’s has skyrocketed in the past months, introducing teens to the fashion their parents loved. With recent trends of ripped jeans … Continue reading 90’s Fashion Making a Comeback?

September Horoscopes

SUMMER SLOTNICK-LASTRICO C & C Editor   Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)-This is your month to shine! Your detail-oriented, just, and assistive personality will make your birthday month your best month of the year. Mercury, leader of your sun sign, moves in on September 19th, increasing productivity. This is lucky for you, as new … Continue reading September Horoscopes