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Students watch the Solar Eclipse.

Ten Solar Eclipse Fun Facts

Candice Cugnier and Aurora Ivanova April 8, 2024

Hello Royals, the solar eclipse is today, as most of you may know, due to the overload of comments from everyone. Solar eclipses are rare and only happen every few years. When they happen, the moon passes...

On March 31st, we acknowledge and recognize trans identities as a part of Transgender Visibility Day.

Transgender Visibility Day

Chelsea Miao, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

What is Transgender Visibility Day?   There are 1.6 million transgender youth and adults in the United States. Those are 1.6 million children, parents, friends, and neighbors. And those are...

Lights, Camera, Talent! Royals Got Talent

Lights, Camera, Talent! Royals Got Talent

Baylie Bingham, Sports Editor March 19, 2024

As the curtains rise and the spotlight beckons, students from all grades will walk into the Marquis Performing Arts Center for the event of the year. San Marcos ASB presents Royals Got Talent 2024, a showcase...

Who Does Your Activist Heart Beat For?

Who Does Your Activist Heart Beat For?

Chelsea Miao, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

Do you ever find yourself lost in thought? Have you been diagnosed with a malignant case of daydreaming? Do you lie awake at night…yearning? Well, my friend you might just be an emerging activist looking...

Members of the club Hope4Her at their table during club rush.

San Marcos Hope4Her Club Spreads Awareness About Sex Trafficking

Lila Westmacott, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

Hope4Her, a new club here at San Marcos, is a non-profit organization addressing the issue of sex trafficking of girls in Santa Barbara.  “We are raising awareness about sex trafficking within teenage...

San Marcos’ Women in STEM Club posing for their group picture. This club is dedicated to supporting women who are interested in a career in the STEM field.

Featuring Women’s Clubs at San Marcos

Noelle Cabrera, Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2024

Did you know that we have nearly 50 different clubs here at San Marcos? These clubs cater to interests ranging from writing, to chess, to robotics, to hiking. While each club plays an important role in...

Members of the SMHS Book Club poses for their yearbook photo

Book Club

Candice Cugnier, Lifestyle Editor March 7, 2024

Our school’s Book Club meets the first Thursday of every month, in room I-7. During these meetings, the members will discuss the past book that they read, debating their favorite parts and others...

Why February 29th isnt a Day to Leap Over

Why February 29th isn’t a Day to Leap Over

Keira Perkin, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

2020. A year that will go down in history for being one of the worst years Gen Z has ever lived through, also happens to be a leap year. While many of us may wish to forget the events of 2020, we cannot...

From left to right: Sophomore Hope Smith, freshman Zoe Rogers and junior Ava Allen pose at the Black is Beautiful Gala with their awards

Santa Barbara Celebrates Black History Month

Noelle Cabrera, Editor-in-Chief February 27, 2024

The First Annual Black is Beautiful Gala: Several members of the San Marcos Black Student Union (BSU) were awarded $1,250 scholarships each at the first annual Black is Beautiful Gala. This gala, organized...

San Marcos Math Clubs Math Team wins the mathlete competition.

San Marcos Math Team Triumphs

Aurora Ivanova, Opinion Editor February 22, 2024

At San Marcos, we often hear about our water polo wins or our volleyball triumphs, but how often do we hear about our academic achievements? On the weekend of February, 10 2024, Westmont College held their...

(Left to right) A&E Editor senior Roman Trovato and Editors-in-Chief seniors Noelle Cabrera and Evelina Erickson at the SBEF grant ceremony.

Thank you Santa Barbara Education Foundation!

Evelina Erickson, Editor-in-Chief February 14, 2024

Between your fingertips or resting on a surface, you read this paper. The touch of its thin pages, words rich in value and printed in ink, side-by-side captivating pictures that first attract your eyes;...

Children performed at The Marjorie Luke Theatre in celebration of Chinese New Year. They waive goodbye to the audience after their performance.

Chinese New Year: Dragon Tales and Dinner Tables

Chelsea Miao, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

And the race is on!  The scene starts upon a great river—a looming emperor sitting above it all. Animals make their way to the starting line, all fighting for the top twelve spots.  Now, this...

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