Clippers Brake Ground on New Stadium 


courtesy of Flicker

Over the last couple decades there have been many iconic stadiums including the Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks or the TD Garden home of the Boston Celtics. Some new stadiums looking to leave a legacy include the Sofi Stadium, home of the LA Chargers and Rams and The Agilent Stadium, home of the LV Raiders. But no other stadium can compare to the most iconic Stadium ever, The Staples Center. In a span of about 22 years the Staples Center has hung 22 championship banners, 17 of them being from the Lakers, three of them from the Sparks and the last two from the Kings. With so much success the Staples Center has found, the only team to not contribute is the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers, owned by Steve Ballmer are a part of only six franchises that have never touched the Finals once. The Clippers have been a part of the NBA for about 50 years and have not once even won a conference title. With the lack of success and respect, Steve Ballmer and the Clippers announced on Friday September,17 that their new, 2 billion dollar stadium would break ground in Inglewood, CA  and is set to open in the 24-25 season opener. The Clippers have been in talks for a while with the NBA about a departure from the 22 year old stadium. But in 2019 the organization announced its leaving the stadium for good. 

Photo court of Flicker


“I’m excited for our fans, for Clipper nation,” said Steve Ballmer the owner of the stadium said this past week, “I’m excited for our team to have our own house, our own building, our own energy.”

Steve Ballmer and the Clippers staff seem very eager and excited for it to be done as The Staples center was built around the Lakers. It is tough to split the amount of recognition when you have one of the biggest franchises in all of sports and another franchise that is still finding its name in the league. The 18,000 seat Intuit Dome would make it the NBAs 30th stadium and Los Ángeles second NBA stadium.