Out-of-the-Box Pumpkin Carving


As the air gets colder, and the leaves change colors, autumn arrives. With autumn comes Halloween and for Halloween you need to carve pumpkins. But how will you set your pumpkin apart from the rest?

Drill Pumpkins

Image courtesy of The Garden Glove

For this pumpkin carving method, from The Garden Glove, all you will need is a drill, multiple sizes of drill bits, a marker, and obviously, a pumpkin. To start this pumpkin carving you will need to slice off the top and empty it. After that you must lay out the design. Use the image below as a guide for multiple options for designs. Make sure you leave enough space in between the dots for the drill bits, as you do not want all of the holes merging into one. Once you have laid out your design, you simply have to use the drill to create the holes. Finally you can add a candle, and then you have your glowing drill pumpkin.  

Ghost Pumpkins

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

From Good Housekeeping, the Ghost Pumpkins. This is a bit more of an advanced carving, solely because of the pumpkin type. For this you will not actually be using a pumpkin, instead you will use a butternut squash. Start off by cutting the bottom of the squash and taking out the insides. Then use your previous cut and add more triangular cuts to create the bottom of the ghost. After this you can add any face of your choosing. As for the candle, while you can always just lay it on the ground, you could also cut skewers and place them inside the pumpkin to create a platform for the candle. 

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Spider Mini Pumpkins

Not everyone wants to spend upwards of forty dollars on a pumpkin. If you only want to buy a small pumpkin, I would recommend making it into a spider, also from Good Housekeeping. To craft this spider you will need a mini pumpkin—only around five inches in diameter—eight black pipe cleaners, and maybe some googly eyes if you are feeling festive. The process is simple, just stab the pipe cleaners into the pumpkin in the appropriate spots. To use the eyes, you can put two wherever you decide the face is, or for a little more realism, add two more little ones to the sides of the main two. Then carve out a little candle shaped hole in the top. And there you have it, a pumpkin spider.