New NHL Season


This time of year always brings a lot of fun with Halloween, the MLB Playoffs, and the NBA season kicking off. One thing that people always forget about is the starting up of the NHL season. The Tampa Bay Lightning are coming off of their successful season winning the Stanley Cup Finals last year. Many people think that their roster has the talent to repeat their championship run and a lot of people tend to think that there are teams coming to steal the title from the defending champs. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

As of right now, the Colorado Avalanche is the title favorite in Vegas. They are followed closely by the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. With these teams as the front runners, the rest look to shock the league and prove Vegas and all fans wrong. 

Senior Aidan Fitch said,”As a New Jersey fan I am ready for another disappointing season,” he continued with, “I have Toronto all the way this year.”

Another big topic of conversation coming into this season is the expansion team that we got with the Seattle Kraken. Seattle is a hopeful team looking to do what the Golden Knights were able to do and be super successful in their first few years as a team. With the way the expansion draft works, we know that this team has a good shot,  as they were some of the better players from their old teams. Seattle will be wearing a few shades of blue with red as an accent color in order to stay with their team theme of this water monster-type creature. 

I know a lot of hockey fans are as excited as I am for this upcoming season and there are a lot of things that can happen and teams that can compete for this title. For the first time in a few years I am not sure what to expect in terms of the season and I do not think that I could make an accurate guess on who is going to win it all. As a Kings fan, I know that I have another painfully long season ahead but it should be entertaining to see how all of these major talking points play out throughout the course of the season.