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October Horoscopes


Welcome to your monthly horoscope check-in! Every sign from the zodiac is included. Feel free to read yours and your friends. Each zodiac sign has a unique month ahead of them.
Check your rising sign (if you don’t know your rising then check your sun sign or find out what time you were born to figure out your rising sign) To look up your rising sign go to

Aries- You will vividly and clearly see and feel the surge of new energy. Feeling prone to love will either make things easier or more difficult for you. Your family life will be smooth sailing. Remember to focus your attention on the most important goals in life as I see the love aspect potentially getting in the way of other areas of life like work or school. Overall, this is a very social month for you Aries, remember to burn away all that access energy built inside. 

Lucky dates in October: 5,8,18, 20, 21

Tarot Card for October- Page of Pentacles- Initial stages of a creative project/venture is on the way, perhaps learning something new, or in the beginning stages of a process or venture. Be open to learning new things!

Taurus- Making friends with others will be easy this month for you. You will also feel the company of people who share similar interests. Jupiter also stays in a sector of your sign until December 28th, bringing you luck and good fortune. A door will open for you to improve your work life or physical health. This is a tremendous time to work with others rather than going at it solo. With a lot of energy highlighting Mars in your chart, you could line up dates with people who hold potential to stay by your side.

Lucky dates in October: 7, 8, 14, 19, 21

Tarot Card for October-Page of Cups

One of the most important meanings with the Page of Cups is that you should be open to new ideas, especially ones that come from intuitive inspiration. This inspiration should be embraced because the rewards will be amazing! This card symbolizes persistence as this is how you make your dreams a real thing. 

Gemini– October brings a surge of attention to your social life this month Gemini. Jupiter will continue to go through your sector of expansion and growth until December 28. This represents life rules, academics, media, publishing, travel, immigration, and spiritual traditions, meaning that you will find yourself pursuing at least one of them during this time. If you’ve wished to pursue one of these ventures, the stars truly are in your favor. This is also the best time in two years to prioritize romance in your life! You will be magnetic and will find you have new suitors.To say you have love written in the stars this month is an understatement! 

Lucky dates in October: 2, 11, 18, 19, 25

Tarot Card for October-Five of Cups

You may feel disappointed as this card relates to negative emotions. You may feel a heavy weight as this can signify challenges.The person, however, seems to notice that there are two standing cups as this person is too busy mourning over those which have fallen. There is a powerful river which flows between him and a house, and all it takes is for him to notice what is around him, rather than what it is he lost. Look at the bright side.

Cancer-You will be successful in starting any new ventures. You should not be pulled back by any hurdles you may face. Use this to reflect on your actions. No matter what, you are being supported by the universe, so know that you can get everything that you need and deserve now. With Saturn (planet of responsibility, order, law, rules, boundaries) bringing life lessons to all of this, though, you must be intentional and work for change. The next big themes for you, Cancer, will be passion, love, and self expression! Venus moves through this zone in your chart until October 7, making your romantic life erupt like a volcano. This month will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your achievements sector that lights up the night on October 20. A major promotion, professional milestone, new job, or award could have your name in lights in the week of the full moon. 

Lucky dates in October: 4, 9, 19, 21, 29

Tarot Card for October-The Tower

 This card represents chaos, destruction, upheaval, climax, a turning point. Be prepared, Cancer! As anything can happen when this card pops up. Overall, expect the unexpected, blessings are disguised even as the most disappointing of experiences.

Leo-Mars is lighting up your communications sector this month until October 30. This will manifest physically in terms of being busy on a writing or speaking endeavor. Use your mind and ideas to take the lead. Note the energy of taking two steps forward and one step back and look at everything as a blessing in disguise. Now would not be a good time for taking longer trips,October indicates that they are not needed nor will go as planned. From the middle of the month, things will cause an unexpected turn for you. It will happen mainly because of your impulsiveness.Try to calm down. The love aspect of your life requires some innovation and good communication. You have to be flexible and sentimental if you want a relationship to go successful. 

Lucky dates in October: 10, 11, 13, 27, 29

Tarot Card for October-The Chariot 

Overcoming obstacles is no problem this month for you, Leo. Pulling the chariot indicates perseverance and ambition when it comes to tackling any day to day problems. I see this month being an easy one to pass by. Enjoy October.

Virgo-You are favored to have a sweet work-life balance, so be sure to take advantage of this energy and create a schedule that empowers you, not depletes you. Watch your expenses this month, as you can get lost off track with keeping your financial situation steady. Your love life will be pleasantly nice this month, and this will make you stress-free. The focus will be on family matters more than anything. Take a moment to assess where you stand because next month will bring destined shifts to your path.

Lucky dates in October: 1, 5, 13, 14, 23, 24

Tarot Card for October-The High Priestess 

Intuition, inner-knowing, hidden secrets. What are you thinking about Virgo? Whatever you are questioning, you are most likely right about. Trust your gut instinct when it comes to making decisions and putting your energy into things and situations. You truly know what’s best for you. 

Libra-Happy Birthday to my fellow Libras! Great things can be achieved by generosity and good relationships with your contacts. You must take the lead in your life in order to achieve your professional and personal goals in mind. With so much support in the stars, you are sure to soar. However, the chaos of Mercury Retrograde will also be potent, as it is taking place in your zodiac sign until October 18. Truth be told, you’ll be feeling it all month, with feelings of confusion, and a slower pace potentially. With Jupiter here now at your side, it should clear away any difficulty, so don’t lose hope and above all, work harder because the chips could soon fall into place. You will be asked to come to an important ceremony where you shine like a star. Get excited Libra’s and happy birthday!

Lucky dates in October: 11, 14, 22, 27, 29

Tarot Card for October-Wheel of Fortune 

Luck is on your side Libra. The wheel is turning in your favor for whatever you have been wanting to plan out to work in your favor. Enjoy your birthday because I do see you being blessed with the best, whatever it is you are wanting to do, go ahead and do it!

Scorpio-The universe will start to go in your favor even more beginning in October, Scorpio. Jupiter continues to go past your domestic(home life) sector until December 28. You may have moved already this year or will do so soon. Your family will grow, you will truly set down the roots that make you feel more stable than ever before, and you will make peace with your past. Next, powerhouse Mars continues to power up your privacy sector until October 30, likely meaning that you’re busy hustling on a project behind the scenes that isn’t quite ready for the public. You could be deeply involved in development. Venus, dances with your zodiac sign until the 7th, and you will feel her blessings rain down from above. This assures that it is a great period to focus on pleasure, beauty, and romance. You will charm everyone you meet. Love is definitely in the air this month for you. Mars only visits our zodiac signs once every two years, so now is the time for you to make lists of what you want to do and set intentions to go after them. You’ll enjoy the beauty and the power, so show the world what you’ve got! When the sun enters your zodiac sign on the 23rd, all eyes are on you, Scorpio.

Lucky dates in October: 14, 15, 19, 20, 25

Tarot Card for October-Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, financial security, stability, a happy family is in the cards this month for you, Scorpio. Everything you need, you have. Celebrations and money, what more could you possibly want? Remember to be grateful for everything you have! 

Sagittarius-Fun, passion, and excitement will shower down upon you in October, Sagittarius. Brainstorm unique ideas and social media techniques to take you into new horizons! Many Sagittarians during this time will find that they are more curious than ever about the world and begin doing everything possible to learn more about it. Saturn brings a weight to this same area, you could be pulling teeth to get moving or find a breakthrough. Next will be Mars igniting your social sector until October 30. With so much energy here, it is guaranteed that you will be seeing many friends and enjoying the festive vibe. A Full Moon in your passion sector will light up the night on the 20th, too. This ensures that your heart could blossom and erupt like fireworks! In the week that surrounds this, make romance, expression, and creativity all top priorities. Strengthen your position in the world and improve. Take advantage of the numerous social contacts and meetings in the circle of highly placed people for the development of your life.

Lucky dates in October6, 8, 9, 15, 30

Tarot Card for October-Strength 

Inner strength, self awareness, confidence, and determination has never looked better on you, Sagittarius. You are your biggest motivation. You are the embodiment of needing no one, but people are going to go to you to lean on for moral support. You are looking extra attractive physically this month as well.

Capricorn– October 2021 Capricorn horoscope promises and ensures an amazing month ahead. You will get plenty of opportunities in life and the whole atmosphere will be charming. The universe is very set on bringing showers of gold down upon you this year. While Saturn has certainly made things a bit tighter and is giving you so many life lessons about budgeting, expenses, and income, Jupiter is set on expanding your bank account more. With effort, there truly could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Jupiter, which rules profit and prosperity, is moving through your financial sector until December 28. Raise your rates, look for a better paying job, or take on more money matters. Invest your money, look for a side job, or collect many valuable possessions. Wealth isn’t just going to come to you. Work toward it. Next, this month will bring focus to your social life! With lovely Venus singing within this sector until October 7, you will certainly hear from many friends and be more popular than ever. You will light up every room you enter and could find many people now who will contribute to your cause. Focus on expanding your network with people who truly add value to your life. You may also be encouraged to chase a lifelong dream during this time and make significant progress. 

Lucky dates in October-3, 6, 14, 24, 25

Tarot Card for October-Three of Swords

Having a bit of a difficult time? I see a tragedy or heartache impacting your mental health. Take time for yourself this month and relax. Healing is what is most important right now. You have overcome more than what an average person can handle, Capricorn. Your hard work will not go unnoticed in the long run. Let this time pass and you will see. Slow and steady always wins the race!

Aquarius-October will be the month in which you clearly mark your personality. You know how many times your imagination has led you off track. You will have a head full of ideas, but make sure that they do not become copies for the chaos in you. Jupiter entered your zodiac sign toward the beginning of 2021 and initiated what I would call a “Diamond Year.” This will be truly one of the luckiest years of your life and you will be like a garden coming into bloom. Many new beginnings will take place by the end of the year, ones that push you in new directions and help you to fly. Make sure you pull up your vision board and set forth to create your life. Each day should be used to its fullest right now. Don’t let even one pass you by without making your own mark happen! This would be a period to get in front of authority figures, (like your boss, teachers, whatever) as you will be favored. Achievements could also appear. The universe is brewing up huge amounts of blessings just for you, Aquarius!

Lucky dates in October-1, 9, 20, 25, 28

Tarot Card for October-Ace of Swords

Clarity of thoughts, truths, speaking your voice, are all major themes this month for you, Aquarius. Any tension or difficulty processing emotions will start making sense this month. I see your mental capacity being very strong and impactful this month. You know what you want and what you need to do. You got this.

Pisces-The month will be full of imagination. During the first part of the month, your actions will be positive and powerful. Pisces. Last December, Saturn and Jupiter both were in your sector of your chart known for rest and solitude. Saturn is the giver of life lessons and will be focusing you towards karma until 2023: either reaping the rewards for the fortune you’ve brought into the world or else haunting you with the baggage you must now prepare for. Watch your expenses, as you could be spending money much faster than you’re making it! I see you being extremely busy with academics, media, or international endeavors. Buckle down and you’ll make great progress on it and could even see many breakthroughs.

Lucky dates in October-16, 19, 21, 23, 26

Tarot Card for October-Four of Wands

You may be moving to a new home, purchasing your own property, having relationships deepen, and feeling secure in your environment. Everything will fall into place in October. Your friends, family, and others will all be there to support you Pisces.

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