Should Sports Leagues have Salary Caps?


Salary caps? A big part of the sports business that is often discussed among fans and teams in the leagues. The salary cap in sports is used to determine how much that team can spend on players. For example the salary cap for teams in the NBA is ($112.414 million) that is the amount that the teams could spend on their players. This is a controversial topic because the MLB does not have a salary cap and teams can spend as much as they want on their players. 

“I think that sports leagues should have a salary cap as it makes it unfair to some teams that are in smaller markets and can not generate revenue like the big time cities,” said sophomore Eve Flores. 

This shows a really good point on why all leagues should have a salary cap as it can make it super unfair to some teams if they are placed in a smaller market and can not generate as much revenue as the most popular cities. 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

While some may argue that salary caps are unfair, I believe that they can also help in not creating super teams. If there was no salary cap all of the best players could all go to one team and destroy the rest of the league well all making the money they want to make. This is a huge problem I believe would arise if they had no salary caps in any sports. 

“All sports leagues should have a salary cap because not having a salary cap can make certain teams have an unfair advantage over others.” Said sophomore Jeffery Forster yet again as shown in this quote having a salary cap makes all leagues more fair and every team has an equal chance.

The salary cap in sports is a little known thing that actually keeps teams and leagues intact. In my opinion all major sports leagues should have a salary cap to make the teams chances fair and not only have the biggest cities with the best players.