Black Friday 2021


Black Friday happens once a year and it is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the day most retail stores have great discounts on everything for the holidays, and it will be on the 26th of November this year. Sales on Black Friday go up every year. According to abc news there is a 35 percent sales growth year over year. Every year there are big retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, Best Buy and more that are always competing to put out great deals for Black Friday. Most retail stores usually start to put out deals during the month of November to try and beat their competitors with better deals. However this year most retailers started to put out deals in October due to COVID-19 there is a supply chain shortage which is causing everything to get delayed and retailers to not have enough inventory and according to the article businessinsider made it says “that the two biggest us ports had a 30 percent increase in amount of goods going through them while they had a 28 percent fewer workers processing the cargo” it also said “ that there is a record backlog at Southern California ports and experts predict that it will continue into 2023. But even though there is gonna be a supply shortage this year, retailers will still have Black Friday sales.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

This year most retailers have stocked up early to get a head start and have enough inventory for Black Friday. There are also some early Black Friday deals online so if you do not want to go to stores on Black Friday you can find good deals from your home and you can start looking now. If you are looking to buy new Apple, Sony products or any other electronics, Best Buy has great deals. But if you are looking to buy clothing, home goods, small appliances, video games pretty much anything you can think of. Amazon most likely has it and they have some really good discounts on everything. But this year the prices are rising compared to the past years because of the limited inventory and labor shortages. The discounts will not be the same as the past years.

There is not a good reason to go out to stores this Black Friday because most stores will be limited in inventory due to the supply chain shortage and customer demand. It would be a lot safer and smarter if you choose to do your Black Friday shopping online this year and it would be good if you started now because electronics and toys are usually in high demand and it is looking like retailers will probably be running out of inventory for those items fast this year. Some advice for this year’s holiday shopping is to start early, like as soon as possible or else you will miss out on great deals.