2021 Cricket World Cup

The t20 2021 Cricket World cup has begun in the United Arab Emirates. For most of the world, cricket is one of the most popular sports that is often played from a young age. Unfortunately, in America, cricket is not played and many people have never heard of cricket. 

The rules of t20 cricket are simple. You have two batters on the pitch at once and 9 fielders and a bowler and a catcher. The field that cricket is played on is a big circle with a pitch in the middle of the circle where the two batters and bowler are located. There 20 overs per batting team, with ten batters per team. You get runs from hitting out of the field six runs for carrying out of the field four for rolling it out of the field. You can also get runs for running back and forth between the pitch. Least you can get per ball thrown is zero, the most you can get is six runs. In every over there are six balls thrown and 120 total in the game. Behind where the two batters standing are wickets. If the ball hits the wicket when you are running to the other side or when you miss the ball with the bat you are also out. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The T20 cricket world cup has 12 nations competing. These  being, Pakistan, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, England, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Namibia, and Bangladesh. These 12 teams are in two brackets of six teams with the top two of each bracket advancing to the final four. The favorites of the tournament are India, Pakistan, England, and Australia. India and Pakistan are favorites of the left side of the bracket and England and Australia being the favorites of the right side of the bracket. 

The Cricket world cup has just kicked off and the semifinals are on November 10th and 11th, and the finals are on the 14th. I recommend watching if you get the chance and trying to spread the game of cricket throughout America as it is an amazing game and is sad that it’s not played in America. Tune into the rest of the world cup on the ESPN app and see who wins the world cup.