“The House of the Side of the Road” Part 4

Finally catching up with the two brothers after having struggled with the stubbornness of the donkey seemed to take up most of my energy left from the day. The journey had been long and boring. I still felt the heat from the sun lingering on my scalp, my dark hair had been heating up the entire time the sun’s rays had been beating down onto our heads. The skin around my cheekbones still felt warm, surely if I looked into a mirror I would find the red splotches that would appear on my face after spending the entire day out in the open without any protection. My dad would take one look at my face, laugh and call me chapeado. The teasing would cause my face to heat up even more, giving the nickname more accuracy. I hated it. But the closer I got to the small pueblito we would have to use as shelter and the strange feeling started to burn more intensely in the pit of my stomach, I found myself longing to have my father next to me offering his dad jokes and teasing as a distraction.