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Featuring Student Art: December


Ms. Rainville’s advanced painting students have yet again delivered impeccable pieces, this time in the form of self portraits for an assignment titled “Huge Cropped Portraits.” This segment of Featuring Student Art displays pieces made by three talented students. 

Katelyn Misic, a senior in Ms. Rainville’s painting class created a self portrait that immediately catches viewers’ attention because of the vivid colors incorporated.

Image courtesy of Ms. Rainville
Katelyn Misic, Senior, standing next to her self portrait

Katelyn shared that, to complete this piece it took her a little over a month of in class work.

“I’ve never used oil paints before and that was my first oil painting, it was hard to get used to because you have to mix stuff in with it, and it’s hard to smooth out. But I eventually got the hang of it, and it worked out pretty well,” said Katelyn.

Katelyn’s extraordinary use of vibrant and eye-catching colors adds to the already impressive art piece. The artist spoke to the use of colors and different techniques used and said, “Don’t always think inside the box when you’re thinking about colors and try new techniques.” Katelyn also shared that creating this portrait was difficult for her. 

Sydney Walker, another student of Ms. Rainville’s art class, produced a cropped self portrait that leaves viewers unable to look away because of the immense attention to detail.

Image courtesy of Ms. Rainville
Sydney Walker, Senior, and her self portrait

Sydney has been featured in previous Kings Page articles a number of times and continues to amaze viewers with the talent and precision displayed in the art pieces. Sydney added that on top of having to work with oil paints for this project, Ms. Rainville had students make their own canvas to paint on. 

“We had to work in oils so we had to prepare oil paints, we also built our own canvases, we didn’t cut the wood but we stretched it and primed it and then we had three weeks to paint,” said Sydney. The talented artist has also had this self portrait displayed in the main office, for numerous others to enjoy!

Jonathan Palma, another extremely talented artist delivered a self portrait marvelling audiences with the image captured and features included.

Image courtesy of San Marcos
Jonathan Palma, Junior, next to his cropped portrait

Jonathon shared that the choice for the picture and angle shown was an easy one to make as he tends to gravitate towards realistic colors and images. Though the choice of what to paint was easy for Jonathon, he commented that he found the execution a bit difficult. 

“It was definitely challenging because I’ve never worked with bigger canvases so that was new for me,” said Jonathon. The talent of the artist, however, shines through in this incredibly accomplished self portrait. 

The three artists featured agreed that what they want viewers to recognize is the size and amount of work dedicated to complete such beautiful self portraits. If you happen upon one of these portraits, take a minute to appreciate the immense skill and patience applied. 

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Featuring Student Art: December