College Football


At the end of every college football regular season every team with six wins or over plays in a bowl game to celebrate their season of success. The top four teams play in the series of bowl games that really matter. This year, the Alabama Crimson Tide will take on  the Cincinnati Bearcats in the 1 seed vs 4 seed matchup in the Cotton Bowl and the Michigan Wolverines will take on the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2 seed vs 3 seed matchup in the Orange Bowl. The winner of their respective games will play each other in the National Championship Game. 

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

 Many people are thinking that Alabama is the team to beat as they just took down the former number one team, Georgia, by a very reasonable margin. Although Alabama is a powerhouse, Michigan has emerged as another name that might be able to take down Alabama. With Michigan’s only loss on the year coming from a top 10 ranked Michigan state team, they have some other statement wins via solid teams such as Iowa, Ohio State, and Nebraska who were not the best of teams this year, but were able to keep it close with a lot of great teams. 

    Michigan fan Danielle Britton said,”This is the year that we win it all. The Wolverines are the team to beat!” 

    Cincinnati is another team that has gotten a lot of recognition as the only remaining undefeated team in all of College Football. A lot of people argue against this decision to put them in the playoff because of their weak conference play in the Conference USA. With a stacked and talented team consisting of star, draft bound quarterback Desmond Ridder, it was too hard to not include them in the playoffs. 

    The Bearcats face their hardest test of all taking on Alabama led by Heisman Trophy front runner, Bryce Young. With the impressive seasons put together by all of these teams, this is the first year in a long time that it seems like nobody knows who is going to win for sure. There is a lot of excitement and eagerness in the college football world waiting for the start of the playoffs on December 31st where we start the journey to the crowning of a champion.