DIY Origami Fish


The Italian feast of the seven fishes is a tradition celebrated every year in mostly Southern Italy and in Italian-American households throughout the United States. However, one does not have to be Italian to celebrate this tradition. Typical “fishes” include baccalà (salt cod), frutti di mare (shellfish), capitone (eel), calamari (squid), scungilli (conch meat) and vongole (clams). The feast takes place on the eve of Christmas and the number seven may come from the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church, or the seven hills of Rome, or something else. There is no general agreement on its meaning. So to help celebrate this holiday, let’s make some origami fish!

Step 1: Fold sticky note in half vertically, horizontally and diagonally both ways.
Step 2: Fold the two sides in to meet in the middle so there are 3 folds horizontally across the note, and 4 rectangles.
Step 3: Keep the recent fold made, and pull out the corner for a triangular tip for it to form a boat shape.
Step 4: Complete the same steps for the opposite side. 
Step 5: Flip one of the boat sides up.
Step 6: Fold the corners out (not all the way but more than half) and then back again (not completely though!) This is to create the fins on the end of the fish!
Step 7: Fold the two sides back to create a tip at the side of the opposite corner. 
Step 8: Then flip around, draw a little eye and you’ve got your fish!