How to Wear a Mask


Throughout this pandemic, one of the most crucial precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been mask wearing. Now, almost two years into this pandemic, mask wearing is still as important as ever . So here is a tutorial on how to properly wear a mask, to help keep yourself and others around you safe. (Modeling by Elizabeth Leka)

Step 1: Aquire your mask
Step 2: Put the mask strap over one ear.
Step 3: Put the mask strap over the other ear and make sure both straps are secure.
Step 4: Pull the mask up so it covers your chin, mouth, and nose.
Step 5: Pinch the nose wire tightly so that the mask does not slip below your nose.
If you follow these steps, your mask should look like this. Make sure that it is tightly secured around your face so that it does not fall down.

Just in case you need some additional guidance, here are some examples of what your mask should not look like.

Do not #1: Do not have your mask under your chin, it defeats the entire purpose of having a mask.
Do not #2: You breathe out of your nose, therefore you can contract and spread the virus through it, so make sure that it is covered.
Do not #3: Even worse than the previous two is not having your mask on your face at all. Your mask must be on your face in order to wear it correctly.
Do not #4: Do not have your mask hanging off of one ear. It can fall off easily and covers nothing.
Do not #5: You should cover the majority of your face, but not all of it. Nose, mouth, and chin are the only facial features that should be covered. If you wear it like in the picture above, not only can you not see but the mask is not tightly around your face and so more air can get in and escape.