The Benefits of Knitting


While you may think knitting is something that just old ladies do, I beg to differ as I am 16 and love to knit. So, ha. In reality, the knitting scene is in fact dominated by older ladies (as evidenced by my knitting circle in which I was the only person under 80). But, not all knitters live up to those stereotypes. You too can knit! There are a ton of great tutorials out there, but I am sure someone in your life knows how to knit. It is one of my favorite hobbies, and I just want more people to give it a chance. Here are some reasons why knitting is cool:

First, you can make cool stuff. This point is completely self-explanatory. I am sure you have seen something knitted at some point. The majority of clothes are machine-knitted, look closely to see the little rows. Seriously, there are so many things you can make. You could make a basic scarf or hat, you could knit a blanket, someone knitted me slippers, I have made glasses cases, even a stuffed fox! There are so many patterns available online, but if you do not find one that works for you (or that you can understand) just make something up. A knitted square can become so many things. 

Secondly, knitting is great for multi-tasking. Once you get fairly proficient at knitting, it becomes a lot easier, and you do not have to watch your hands. At that point, you can be fully tuned into a movie while knitting away. I do my best work while I am watching something else, because I have something to occupy my mind, and my hands. Just make sure that you pay attention to your knitting when you are still a beginner, because mistakes are more likely to happen then. 

Elizabeth continues her latest knitting project.
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Leka

Thirdly, having something to do makes me a lot less anxious, so when I am just sitting somewhere feeling the impending doom, I whip out my knitting and feel better, because I can focus on that and my mind will eventually calm down. The process is really therapeutic, and holding something that you have made in your hands is one of the best feelings in life. 

Fourthly, knitting is great for community building. These past couple of weeks in journalism I have taught a ton of people in my class how to knit, which has been so fun. I am so proud of all their progress, and I cannot wait to see what cool things they make. If you get into knitting, make your friends try it too, and you all can have a knitting circle! I used to be in a knitting circle when I was younger, and it was so fun. There is always someone who is really good, and can help you out, and it is so fun to giggle with friends over yarn. Knitting with others is a lot more fun than being on your own, so I totally recommend having a knitting circle. 

According to our resident fashion expert Olivia Marceda, “…our inner old person will reflect this year.” So, embrace the Grandma vibes, and make stuff with yarn!