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Presidential Perspective


Dear Associated Student Body

(of whom I am President), 

While I was introspecting earlier this week on what wisdom I should impart upon the masses in this month’s edition of “Presidential Perspective,” my mind began to drift towards current events… as a means to try and address the most pertinent needs of the public through the relatability of shared struggles. 

Hence, with Valentine’s day just around the corner (less than a mere two weeks away from the time of this writing), accompanied by the social pressure to express your love and gratitude for others in the most garish, chocolate-covered way possible, I thought now was as critical a time as ever to stress the importance of expressing and practicing self love as well. 

Though, dear reader, if you initially opt not to indulge; and in turn try to actively avoid succumbing to the twisted desires of the Hallmark corporation, in its brainwashing you into purchasing and consuming tacky red and pink clutter to your heart’s content (or wallets depth, whichever comes first) I cannot assign much blame for your abstention. Though too, I cannot condone the waiving of festivities all together, for the crucial role the sentiment behind it can play in facilitating personal growth.

Image courtesy of Gabe Casey

In most other circumstances, I would not wish to compound pressure, as we definitely already all have more than enough to stress about this season, but I would argue that the buying (figuratively) at least part way into the spirit of St. Valentine (or at least the commodified version of it) is pivotal to performing at your full potential at this time, and reaffirming your self worth through actions of #SelfLove2022 is worth practicing, to say the least. If this means buying a box of heart shaped chocolates for yourself, by all means do so!  

Honestly, I have been quite lagging on this, and it has certainly compromised my ability to act as the best version of myself. Although I have greater acknowledged my capabilities and set more goals than I had been before (see last months issue for elaboration), I noticed a disappointing lapse in my #Manifest2022 abilities! After many an evening of forlorn hope, I pinpointed that I need(ed) to derive more happiness from being and less from doing to be at my most self satisfied. Though this is far easier said than done, through expressing self love and gratitude, I feel, is the best way to manifest this. 

I too realized that even when I was creating, and attempting to be the best version of myself, I was not doing so for the right reasons! I realized that when pushing myself to #DoBetter to the maximum capacity of my personal development or when creating something, I needed to do so solely as an expression of self love – with intention! Not as a time killer, or to act as a distraction! No wonder I have not been as successful as I have hoped to be! I have handicapped myself in binding my consciousness to the confines of my analytical mind, and expressing too little through my heart. Shame!

Dear reader, I sincerely apologize if any of my inconsistencies that you’ve potentially observed have misled you on your path to greatness. I assure you that I will work harder to “Practice what I Preach.”  Or to phrase it in a more contemporary way – a way that more appropriately pertains to the subject matter and my writing style, “Manifest what I Mansplain.” 

After diagnosing what was limiting me I have taken it upon myself to relay this to you in hope you can take this information in stride to continue to #DoBetter! In assessing your own goals through a higher elevation of self understanding through #SelfLove2022, I trust you will be able to better understand those around you as well, and foster more productive dialogues, with deeper connections made. I find it improves ease of navigation in other aspects of life too. 

Though I can make many suggestions on what I think will bring you success, none are as helpful as me simply telling you to do something you love doing for yourself, with resolve, and (through trial and error if need be), finding what works best for you in expressing self love.  

With this in mind, if you have any ideas on how we can better show our appreciation for those who impact our lives on campus, and express our love for San Marcos and the folks that make it all that it is, and best embody Royal Spirit: I yet again ask you to please come visit and present said ideas during the public comment portion of our ASB meetings, which are held every Thursday morning at 8:30 AM in room I-9.

As always, I look forward to seeing what you are able to #DoBetter, #Manifest2022 & create for yourself, and how you will improve the world through #SelfLove2022! 

And for those who don’t know: like any good politician, I accept donations! 

With (Self) Love,

Gabriel A. Casey

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