Best Breakfast: Toast


The most important meal of the day should not be boring. A bowl of cereal: repetitive. A bagel: boring. A donut: unhealthy. If it is the most important meal of the day, it should leave you wanting more. It should be exciting, nutritional, and fun. It should not only sustain you for the long day ahead, but give you something to look forward to when you wake up. 

Image courtesy of Sofia Wallace

​ So I present to you, toast. I believe it to be the best breakfast one can have. Many see toast as a only side dish which is completely untrue. Although it may have started this way, toast has achieved an elite level of status. In an Instagram poll I conducted to over 1,000 followers, about 60% said toast is the better breakfast in comparison to cereal. 

The best part about toast is its variability. There are so many things you can eat on toast. Avocado toast started as a large social media trend but has now become a staple in many people’s lives and a crowd favorite on menus. People have become very creative and have created multiple recipes for what can be put on toast. To name a few; avocado, peanut/almond butter, nutella, hummus, fruit, jam, butter… you get the idea. Toast has allowed people to express creativity when sharing pictures of their new creation or posting their recipes online. Toast can also exert an abundance of flavors; salty, sweet, savory etc. 

Furthermore, toast is very inclusive to any and all dietary needs. Toast can have forms of meat on it but can also be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Toast is very customizable which is another reason why it is the best breakfast. There are various types of bread that can be used for toast such as sourdough, ciabatta, or whole wheat. Toast also utilizes a common house-hold item, bread, therefore saving money from buying another item at the store to be used for breakfast. I would imagine most of the people reading this could make some form of toast with what they have in their pantry right now whereas other breakfast options are more exclusive and require constantly shopping for ingredients. 

As far as health is concerned, toast can be whatever the creator determines. The fundamental part of toast, bread, is a carbohydrate, which is the body’s main source of energy and therefore very important. By adding toppings, one can make toast with protein such as peanut butter, or a healthy fat such as an avocado. For a sweeter approach or perhaps a late-night snack, one can add a chocolate spread with fruit.

In conclusion, toast is the most mature and modern option for breakfast. It is imaginative, creative, and nutritious. Next time you are struggling with what to have for breakfast and are about to leave the door without eating one, I demand all of you who are reading this start your day off right with toast.