Dante’s Inferno: Lunch Speed Run


School lunch… okay, I am not gonna go in here and just lambast all the food we have at our school, but do I choose to not eat? Yes. Is it really that bad though? I asked some of my fellow classmates what they thought about the school lunch. I interviewed Sophomore Ian Burnett, fellow star pitcher for San Marcos baseball, Burnett said, “I dislike the food, it is awful. And it is not because of the cooks that the school has to offer, but the supplies that the school gets for the food is atrocious. I cannot stress it enough that the school’s supplies that they offer the cooks with is the reason the food is bad.” 

Image courtesy of Dante Bruice

I interviewed San Marcos Junior Luke Sheffey on what he thinks about the lunch and he said, “You know I really appreciate the workers that work so hard to provide our food every day and I am really thankful that they provide us with this food but in my personal opinion it’s just horrible, it’s a terrible food choice that I do not look forward to eating after my really bad second period.”

I asked Sophomore and water polo prodigy Makenna Stretz what her thoughts on the length of lunch are and the fact that Sophomores and Freshman cannot leave campus during lunch. Stretz said, “It’s really challenging being a sophomore student athlete and not being able to have the option to go off campus for lunch. With early morning practices it’s almost impossible to be able to prepare food for the next day, which makes it hard to stay fueled throughout the day. As far as the length of lunch goes I wish it were longer. Lunch is not long enough to be able to make up tests, attend meetings, eat, and catch up with friends.” Makenna, and other athletes all have the same vision that the school lunch is not sustainable for the nutrition that a growing teenage athlete needs, and the fact that sophomore and freshman cannot leave campus makes it harder for these younger athletes to get the nutrition they deserve.

As for the older students, the length of lunch is far too short to go off campus and maintain a healthy nutrition to get through the next 2+ hours of school. They need to change 3 things: the lunch options, the length of lunch, and the grades that are allowed off campus during lunch. Make these changes and we will all be satisfied.