Zelenskyy on fire!

If you haven’t seen the news lately, let me give you a quick rundown on what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine. There is still a lot of unanswered questions about this war, one main puzzle piece that is missing is exactly why Russia is indaviding. Because of this we can only rely on past information to make assumptions. 

The Conflict

Ukraine was once a part of Russia but then separated in 2018. They expressed interest in joining NATO (a pact between a bunch of countries that if one gets invaded the rest will go to war for them). Russia feels threatened by this, they do not want a NATO country bordering them, and also they just want to expand more. Since Febuary 24, Russia started invading Ukraine by sending in troops, and sending bombs across Ukraine. This invasion has caused 406 civilians to die, with 801 injured. Russian President Vladmir Putin has been a familiar face in the news lately, we know him as a big scary guy. I mean after all he’s the reason for all of this unnecessary drama! Others might disagree, but as of right now, everyone hates Putin. But, someone who seems to be gaining a lot of attention from the media is the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Keep reading for more on why we love Zelenskyy. 

Who is Volodymyr Zeleneskyy? 

Well right now we know him as the President of Ukraine. Only a little bit ago was he known as a comedian, the Ukrainian voice actor for Paddington Bear, and he was also on a Ukrainian dance show. In 2019 he ran for President and promised to defeat corruption and achieve peace with Russia. Three years later Zelenskyy is taking this mindset into war.  In this time of crisis we would expect a person of such high status to run and hide! This is exactly how he gained so much status and respect. He has shown great courage, and taken his role as the leader of his nation very seriously. When the US offered to get him out of Ukraines capital Zelenskyy refused and said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.” Photos have gone viral of him in gear and in the capitol, while civilians fled. 

When asked her opinion on Zelenskyy one major fan Mrs. Willbanks said, “ As a government teacher, I am in awe of Voldomyr Zelenskyy’s ability to utilize social media and his public image to unify his country and fight this aggression.” As you can see he has impacted pop culture, and even touched many teachers and students everywhere. In the history books he will be remembered as a hero in all aspects while Putin remains the villain. 

Student school board member Dawson Kelly gives a student point of view, “ I believe that president Zelenskyy is doing a great job at representing and leading the people of Ukraine. He is standing his ground and showing people of Ukraine to fight against Russia, and not run away from them.” 

A president should sacrifice for his country, this helps them feel a little less fear. 

Dawson continues to say, “ I believe he is a major factor in the fact that Kyviv has not fallen to Russia yet.” I know many others agree with us, and make sure to keep up with the news for more information on this war. 

Let’s continue to keep Ukraine in our thoughts and keep rooting for them. If interested in helping out Ukraine, visit Ukraine Help and help protect the children of Ukraine.