SM Student Art Stuns

Here at San Marcos the amazing artwork of our very talented student body was on display in the cafeteria for the SMHS art show. We got to see the outstanding artistic abilities of the students, all the work that our art teachers have been putting into their curriculum, and all the projects our arts department has been working on this past year. The show displayed a variety of art from digital to painting to sculpture. And had artwork from all grade levels. I talked to a few students whose artwork was displayed and ask them about their process and why they took the class, 

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

Digital art student, Zoe Javanbakht, says: “The way we made this text image was mostly through Adobe photoshop. We imported a photo on one layer, typed an entire page of text on another layer, then we selected the areas we wanted to have text on and we cut out that portion of the image, leaving only the text in its place. We created depth and texture by bolding and warping the text as well as using different fonts. I chose to use an image from Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse because Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes and I wanted to have an action image rather than a still image so it would look more interesting. I like the art classes at San Marcos because they teach you key skills that can be used in multiple art mediums and they give new ideas and opportunities in the kinds of art you can pursue or practice.”

Image courtesy of Kaylee Burwell

We have such an amazing arts program here as San Marcos that allows for our students to explore new styles and express their creativity. This show was such a great way to share all of the hard work that everyone has been making and I got to learn so many new things about the different courses at school and the process behind each piece of artwork.  

I asked Kaylee Burwel, A Sculpture student about how she made her sculpture. She said “The process I went through to make this sculpture was that I first came up with a design on paper and as I started shaping it with clay and experimenting with in class I realized some of my design idea weren’t going to work and slowly modified thing to eventually come together to make something new that I hadn’t expected. After, we painted, glazed, and put it in the kiln.” 

In this art show there were also features of some of the winners of the channel island art competition, Molly Grant won with her work titled Cormorant Nest which placed first in the competition. As well another SM student Lucy London won the environmental ethics award with her work titled Hidden Wonders: the Nudibranchs of the Santa Barbara Channel. These are just a few of the awards our SMHS students have won. We have such great talent here on campus. I’m so glad that the art show was able to shine light on the remarkable work of our students. Make sure to check out the amazing student art that we have on campus in upcoming events or even within the displays around the campus hallways.