What are the best Halloween movies?

        It’s officially October and the suspense for Halloween is getting everyone excited. There’s a debate on whether or not high schoolers should trick-or-treat because people say it’s for kids. For most teenagers, Halloween is a night where they stay in with friends, eat candy and watch Halloween movies. As you know there’s a movie for every occasion and it’s fun to watch with family and friends. There are many different sub-genres of Halloween movies. There’s some comedy, gore, killer, vampire, paranormal,  and witchcraft. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Or what do you do to get in the mood for the fall?

    Freshman Dani Hickman said “I love decorating but I really enjoy watching Halloween movies.” Dani’s favorite movie is Hocus Pocus. She said, “I’m so excited for the new Hocus pocus movie. I loved the first one and I plan on watching the second one very soon.” The new hocus pocus movie has 61 rotten tomatoes which isn’t a good sign but 74% of the people that watched it have given it a thumbs up. 

Senior Jaran Depew and Sophomore Talia Cummings both agreed the best Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s definitely a popular one!  But isn’t it a Christmas movie?

“It’s a happy movie and also kind of spooky because it’s Halloween. I love the claymation in it and Tim Burton. I don’t know if it counts as a Halloween movie though but it’s just a fun movie to watch for the season.” Jaran said. 

Talia’s opinion on horror movies is a no, she said “I don’t like scary movies, they’re too scary.” 

Talia said “my favorite movie to get in the mood for Halloween is the nightmare before Christmas because I love the animation and it’s satisfying to watch.”

According to rottentomatoes.com The Nightmare before christmas has 95 rotten tomatoes and 91% of people did like the movie and put it on their watch list. But the most popular Halloween movie is Dani Hickmans favorite! Hocus pocus. She recommends it to people who love classics. Make sure you grab your popcorn and get watching!