Terror-iffic Activities To Do Before Halloween


    October has hit which means it is time to fulfill everyone’s most favorite fall activities. Santa Barbara is especially fitting because there are many fun and exciting things that correlate with this year’s autumn magic. 

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    Celebrating this season right includes spending time with your friends and family. For instance, a classic activity is engaging in a Halloween movie marathon. Get together with your friends to watch some of the greatest cinematic horror movies and make delicious autumn-filled treats like apple-cinnamon strudels, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cream-cheese cookies, and many more. Another thing you could do is decorate the exterior and interior of your house, show off designs of fake cobwebs and hanging spiders. A favorable family activity is doing Halloween arts and crafts and pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving started originally in the 19th century and grew more popular, becoming a well-known Halloween tradition. Whether you are baking some of the best pumpkin spice desserts or carving your favorite movie character into a bright orange pumpkin, you get to share the best of the fall experience with your loved ones.

    Some other very well-liked and trending October activities involve Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Nights and visiting the pumpkin patch! Halloween Horror Nights is hosted every year at Universal Studios, Hollywood, where you can go into many Haunted Houses and get scared by performers all night long. The pumpkin patch, Lane Farms, offers many different and favorable events for families and friends. Each year, the pumpkin patch opens with free entry and goes on until Halloween. Many tourists and people from the community come to visit and enjoy the farm animals, corn maze, hayride, and the large quantity of pumpkins to buy. 

    San Marcos High School sophomore, Enna Garcia, said, “I really love going to the pumpkin patch because pumpkin picking and buying the store’s selections is my favorite thing to do.” 

    This month is packed with the most spine-chilling festivities that will send you straight into the Halloween spirit. October is a month you won’t want to forget, so make the most of these exciting thrills before this fun, frightening season comes to an end!

Tori Fernandez is a sophomore at San Marcos…