Walk It Like I Taco-It


Friday, 10/21’s Homecoming game our very own San Marcos Highschool Culinary Program will be catering with walking tacos, collaborating with the San Marcos Band to raise money for both programs. This is their first ever co-curricular collaboration in an effort to help students. 

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

“[A walking taco is] a chip bag where we put in beef chili with a little cheddar cheese, sour cream and some salsa,” said Taya Schmidt, a 12th grade Culinary II student.

Various bags of chips will be filled with chili made by our very own culinary students. Supporters will be able to choose their toppings at the upper snack shack. It will be served by the culinary students as they were invited by the Band Parents Board. 

Chef Donna Donna Barker, the culinary teacher said, “We are so excited to participate in a collaborative effort to bring more awareness of our programs, and to help raise funds for both organizations.”

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

Chef Barker has been at San Marcos since 2014 teaching culinary, and is known for her instruction to students on the basics of cooking. They typically base lessons around techniques and cooking philosophies and complement that curriculum with exposure to other food cultures and styles.

“Culinary has taught me how to budget my food out,” said junior Perla Benitez who have have been apart of the Culinary program since sophomore year, “and how to be cost effective, and have less food waste.” 

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

Funding these programs mean a lot to both curricula on campus. It will raise money for travels, equipment and many other activities.

“Part of the money raised for this will be used to fund Culinary III’s Seniors Trip to Disneyland,” said senior Juan Beruman. 

Image courtesy of SM King’s Page

Culinary III will use the funds raised to go to Disneyland’s “Behind The Scenes Culinary Program” down in Anaheim and learn how to work in a high stress environment. This program teaches students to discover how savory storytelling and top-notch ingredients can come together to fulfill their own culinary career aspirations and exploratory careers in the culinary paths.

“This is a great opportunity for both of our programs to raise more money,” said junior Nico Hofmeister, a part of both marching and jazz bands at San Marcos. “We can’t wait to further expand our partnership with culinary in the future.” 

To support these programs make sure to come to the Homecoming game against Channel Islands and buy food off their menus in the snack shop at top of the stadium.