Why Not Pumpkin Pie?


Pumpkin pie vs pecan pie: the debate of November. Although in popularity, pumpkin pie is ranked as the number one pie and pecan pie ranked at number two, it is still a large argument today. I think it is obvious which one is the best, and that is pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is the perfect piece of pie to have after dinner, from the taste to the texture of it is perfect. You have a nice smooth and custardy bite in the pumpkin pie vs a dense and chewy pecan bite. It really depends on what you are looking for but I think it is obvious which one is better. 

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

“Overall I think they are both very good but I don’t think you can beat pumpkin pie. They are simple and there is no mess to eat and most of all they are delicious. I can see where some people come from if they prefer pecan but I personally love pumpkin,” said junior Joe Pasternack. 

Even if we look at the numbers it shows that pumpkin pie beats pecan. There were a lot of pumpkin pies sold in 2021, reportedly around 50 million. On the other hand, only around 30 million pecan pies were sold in the year 2021. 

Now we need some background on this delicious pie, pumpkin pie was created in 1796 by an American cookery. The original recipe was one quart stewed and strained pumpkin, 3 pints cream, 9 beaten eggs, sugar, mace, nutmeg, ginger, laid into paste No. 7 or 3, and with a dough spur, cross and cheque it, and baked in dishes 3 quarters of an hour. They described it as a pie that had the consistency of cheesecake. It was originally intended for lavish, high society consumption. For the most part, by this time in American history pumpkins were food for poor farmers and their families. It was easily planted, grew well in a variety of soils, and produced large volumes of food that stored and traveled well. 

Overall, I think that pumpkin pie easily beats out pecan pie and is my favorite and many other peoples favorite pie.