Seniors Are Stressing


It’s that time of year again. Seniors are pulling their hair out as many applications are due this month! Every year the senior class all feels the same stresses and anxiety of filling out and submitting their college applications. The quality and quantity of college applicants has been increasing each year and will only continue to rise. When our parents applied to college they would be crazy to have more than five applications on their plate and now we’d be crazy to have only five. Not to mention that the majority of schools are either test-blind or test optional which completely changed the game of applications, beneficially for most. On top of the stresses of the application process itself, many students are also worrying about financial aid and scholarships. Seniors don’t forget to apply for the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation as you can get several thousand dollars in scholarships every year! Our lives consist of hours of stretching our extracurriculars and editing ‘till the end of time. 

College acceptance rates are continuing to get lower and it is more competitive than ever. According to College Admission Strategies, now over ⅔ of high school graduates are applying to colleges when only four years ago, less than half did. Speaking from my own experience, college applications are an extremely stressful time. Especially for students that can’t afford $70 an hour college counselors. 

Image courtesy of Bekah Sugano

Senior Michelle Arellanes said, “College apps are a really stressful time, but being involved in missions scholars, which helps low-income and underrepresented students with college readiness, has been a huge help.” 

If seniors need further assistance the college and career center is open to all students for questions and extended help. 

Ms. Gonzales, our school’s college and career counselor tells seniors, “Do not leave it to the last minute. Procrastinating about your college applications is just not worth it. Get everything done before Thanksgiving break so you can enjoy yourself this holiday.” 

The anxiety and stress during this time can feel so overwhelming but it is important to remember that wherever you may end up is where you are meant to be. Seniors you will find a pathway in anything you do or college you attend.