Ode to Mobil

Oh Mobil how I love you Mobil,

Sitting on the corner pristine and noble,

A minimart lies within the gas station

The pace of my walk begins to hasten

The air is colder with weather of winter

Causing my rout of lunch time to splinter

Gone is the store one would call Vons

Mobil is now where I spend my bonds

As the luncheon begins I cross the two streets

To purchase the noodles that are hot and cheep

Coffee and cocoa with heat that can burn

My loyalty is what the Mobil has earned

Candy and candy, and even more candy!

Taste buds and tummies made all the more dandy 

Sweet and savory food makes me full

This flavor town will never be dull

Delicious ramen makes my gut warm

Giving me strength to brave the storms

And now I part ways, it’s time to head back

With backpacks filled with Mobil snacks