Friendsgiving Fun!


Thanksgiving is a classic holiday in November that tons of families look forward to, but have you heard of Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is a great alternative to Thanksgiving and is an event that many people attend for enjoyment.  

As well as Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is a popular celebration of gratitude to spend with friends and loved ones while you stuff your face with delicious, traditional meals like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and so much more! Considering there is no official date for Friendsgiving, usually this holiday is celebrated weeks or days prior to Thanksgiving, but some people choose to celebrate on the day of. 

What makes this holiday a good alternative is that everyone has an opportunity to celebrate. Unfortunately, lots of people may not have a strong relationship or the support of family, and sadly, some people may not have any family or many blood-relatives. Others are not able to make it home to their families for Thanksgiving because of different living areas, traveling, or education purposes. Many people love to participate in this event because they have not seen their loved ones in a long time. So, Friendsgiving is the perfect occasion to gather with a group of your closest friends and spend time together.

“During Friendsgiving, my friends and I start our secret santa tradition and then continue to exchange gifts in December.” San Marcos High School student Emma Cohen, sophomore, said. 

Some ways to celebrate are playing fun board games, decorating for the festivity, and cooking together. For instance, a fun activity you and your friend group could do is each person brings a dish to the dinner. To add a twist, each dish can start with the first letter of your name or the dish be a color assigned to you. End the night with a classic fall movie and what you are thankful for!

A get-together with blood-related families is not necessary to celebrate this warm-hearted holiday. All you need is a table surrounded with the people you love and admire, and needless to say; a sweet, freshly-baked pumpkin pie.