Russian Missile Hits Poland


Ukraine has been at war with Russia for nine months now, and the fighting does not look like it will stop anytime soon. Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have pushed Russian Forces back and out of the Southern Kherson region. They are also pushing back in the Eatstern Donetsk. 

“Ukrainian troops took control of the key logistical hub of Lyman in Donetsk at the beginning of October,” This was said in the BBC article Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia, By the Visual Journalism team which used information from the Institute for the Study of War. 

The Ukrainian forces have reported that they have held back pushes from the Russians in Bakhmut and Siversk. The Russian casualties have broken 100,000 troops, and the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has predicted that the Ukrainian casualties are close to that number too.

On November 23rd, the European Parliment Declared Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism. According to, the official instagram of Ukraine, this means that an international tribunal for Russian war criminals will be created. It will isolate Russia at all levels, ban the work of Russian-affiliated organizations, create a compensation mechanism for Ukraine, and increase economic, political, and military support for Ukraine. 

“Russia’s intentional attacks and atrocities against civilian infrastructure, neglect of human rights, and violations of international and humanitarian law show the true nature of Russia’s war against Ukraine,” said in an Instagram post on November 23rd.

A map of areas of Russian and Ukrainian military control Image courtesy of the BBC

Russia has been launching massive missile attacks on Ukraine, with one of its biggest attacks happening recently. The missiles that Russia has fired have killed thousands of people and injured thousands more. Men, women, and children all have been killed in these horrible attacks. On November 15th, a “Russian made missile”, reported by the Poland Foreign Ministry, killed two Polish Citizens inside of the Polish border. The identities of the people killed were not released. The missile landed just outside of the town Przewodow. This sparked an emergency meeting of the world leaders in the G20 summit in Bali. There has been a report from Kyrylo Budanov, the Defense Intelligence Chief of Ukraine, that says the Russians are running very low on high-precision missiles and they are soon to run out if they keep attacking with them.

In Spain, starting on November 24th, letter bombs have been intercepted and found to be used by terrorists. The letter bombs were sent to the U.S. and Ukrainian Embassies, and to the defense and prime ministers of Spain. Only two were detonated, one of the bombs that was detonated was done so on purpose by the American Embassy following their disposal procedures. The other bomb was detonated in the arms of a Ukrainian Worker at their Embassy who opened the envelope. The worker is not in critical condition and only has injuries to his hand and arm. No one knows if Russia has had any involvement in the bombings, but they have denied any involvement.“If someone can even think that Russia really has peace intentions, here is the reality. Believe actions, not promises,” said Ukraine’s official Twitter account. We will see if Ukraine’s  tweet holds true.