San Marcos Soccer

Brody Ricci

“I am looking forward to starting this season, I think all of our teams have a great chance to do well this season and win lots of games.” “All of our teammates work well together on and off the field.” said junior Ryder Hazard. “I’m hoping to perform well myself and improve on my game this year.”

The royals will open their season on the road against San Louis Obispo, this will be a good opening test for the royals to start their season. In the second game of the season, the royals will have their first home game against Pioneer Valley. This will be a tough opponent for their first home game, but a real chance for the royals to get a huge win. This will be the last game for the royals before Winter Break. Then they will face 2 more non league opponents in early January before starting league play. The royals will have plenty of tough matchups this year and plenty of chances to pick up huge wins. 

“I can’t wait for the season to start, and for the team to work hard and win our matches,” said junior Mishi Mitev. “I have worked super hard during the off-season and I can’t wait to get back out on the field and see all of the practice pay-off.”

This year is another great chance for the royals to pick up a channel league title and continue their great play over the last few years.