Favorite Holiday Movies


It’s finally December and by now everyone’s excited for the holidays and upcoming Christmas break. Everybody can think of stuff that you do around the holidays— from making hot chocolate to decorating for the holidays— and something that is always a staple during the holiday season is watching Christmas movies. For almost every occasion you’ll find a fun holiday movie to watch and enjoy, whether you watch them with family or friends. And for Christmas movies, you can watch them for almost every occasion, because of their widely varying genres— from classic Hallmark movies to comedy Christmas movies like Home Alone or A Christmas Story.

Sophomore Cici Gryziec said “I really like the movie Home Alone because it’s a classic Christmas comedy movie. I think that it’s really funny movie and I love how the main character sets up all the traps to catch the bad guys.” 

“I love Home Alone,” said Freshman Lucia Moggnis in agreement with Cici “I like it because it has an interesting plot and I like the movie overall.”

For reviews when you search up the movie, you see that it has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, so it looks like lots of other people agree with Cici’s favorite movie choice.

Taylor Bronson, another freshman, had her own opinion about Christmas movies. “My favorite holiday movie is The Christmas Chronicles,” she said “I like it because the songs are really good and I think it’s a cute movie, with the kids and everything in the movie.”

Almost as close in reviews as Home Alone, “The Christmas Chronicles” have a 4.7 out of 5 star average when it comes to online reviews— it seems like people think the same when it comes to Taylor’s favorite movie.
But when it comes down to peoples’ true favorite movies, or the best holiday movies, the movie Meet Me in St. Louis has a lot of good reviews— according to RottenTomatoes, the movie has a 100% liked rate from professional critics (but only an 87% liking when it comes to audience views). Other movies that seem to be favorites include ones like Klaus, Little Women, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. No matter what other peoples’ favorite movies are, you can be sure that you’ll probably enjoy almost any holiday movie out there!