2023 NFL Pro Bowl


A Flag football game was set to replace one of the NFLs biggest events of the  year, giving fans mixed feelings about the change.  This year’s Pro Bowl will take place in the deserts of Nevada, most specifically Las Vegas, Nevada. home of the Las Vegas Raiders and their newly improved  billion dollar stadium. Many people are not only talking about the location hosted in the Raiders “Death Star” stadium, but also about the huge change in this year’s Pro Bowl weekend.

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As the NFL  implemented a new seven on seven  flag football game to replace the Pro Bowl’s usual football game instead. This anticipated decision came after last year’s game in which fans were begging for a change as players gave little effort on the field.

“I watch the skills events, but recently the pro bowl has been very boring. Because everyone goes all soft.” said Quinn Donnell, a San Marcos sophomore on the Football team.“I think it’s a good idea because they didn’t hit anyways. Now it’s going to be fun to watch.”

 It seems some fans are pleased with this change and excited to watch their favorite players compete against each other at the highest level. But others are not so happy. “I don’t think they should be playing flag football.” said San Marcos football player Ollie Martinez, “I think they should still be in the pads, but they’re soft nowadays.”

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 The game consisted of the top NFL stars of this season voted by the players and fans as well as the media. Their game had two 20 minute halves playing on a 50 yard field. It was an interesting one to watch as Kirk Cousins  was the one to lead the NFC in a 35-33 victory over the AFC all stars. Before the event The NFL announced several mini games with NFL stars  that  took place before the flag football event. These games being; dodge ball game, precision passing, best catch/hands, kickers tic tac toe. Some notable new games that were added is “longest drive” where fours players from both NFC and AFC will participate in a golf challenge where the goal is who can drive the golf ball the furthest of the tee. The AFC took home that event with Jordan Poyer, safety for the Bills hitting the longest drive. Another  game that was added, called the gridiron gauntlet. A game that tested the players speed, strength and agility as it  resulted in NFC taking full control with help from their leader, all-pro Giants running back, Saquan Barkly.

This being the 72nd NFL Pro Bowl they brought back former players as coaches in the flag event. The head coaches consisted of some iconic brothers, future  hall of famer Eli Manning leading the NFC team as he spent 16 seasons as the quarterback of the New York Giants. On the other side, Payton Manning  represented  the AFC team as he spent 18 seasons in the NFL. All of them being in the AFC with the Colts and Broncos. This year’s Pro Bowl was definitely one to remember and hopefully many more to come!