What is San Marcos Doing for Valentine’s Day?



Junior Makenna Stretz. Image courtesy of Katie Kracke

Junior Makenna Stretz said,“For valentines day I am planning on going out to get sushi and frozen yogurt with some of my closest friends.” 

Junior Zara Yossem-Guy is, “Going to have a small dinner with friends and exchange Valentines.” If you are like Makenna and Zara, you’ll be participating in “Galentine’s Day”, essentially, Valentine’s Day for your gals.

Junior volleyball player and saxophone aficionado, Clifford Ficker, on the other hand is going the more traditional route; taking his girlfriend to dinner. When I ran into Cliff in the quad he said his plans for the big day were as follows; “I’m planning on taking my girlfriend out to a nice dinner somewhere and then grabbing ice cream and watching the sunset at our favorite spot.” Although there are many new iterations of “the day of love”, the classic romantic day with your partner is not to be forgotten. 

Last but not least, senior volleyball player Riley Green told me she would be indulging in, “A heart shaped pizza from Valentino’s with my family, and have a good self care night. Riley will be celebrating self love and her family on the 14th, a great way to reset, and spend some quality time with the people she loves.

Hearing from these students reminds us that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday exclusive to those with a significant other. San Marcos is getting their love on in more ways than one, so with hearing from your peers, be inspired to get out and go be with the people you love whether that be your friends, family, partner, or even yourself!