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A Glance at Paris Fashion Week


The 2023 Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week took place from January 17th to 22nd, featuring shows that generated a wide range of emotions. Some highlights from this week were not only the unique runway designs, but also the adored celebrity outfits. 

Image courtesy of Candice Cugnier
Irina Shayk modeling the lion head dress

Starting the week off, Schiaparelli’s appearance on the first day immediately sparked a mix of emotions from people. Cinched waists seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the collection, with dresses and pants creating drastic hourglass figures. This was also created through jackets and tops which broadened the torso, strengthening that illusion of an inward waist. However, Schiaparelli’s show quickly became defined by its looks centered around animals. Some of the dresses featured extremely realistic, hand-crafted animal heads, which many found to be off-putting. People started criticizing Schiaparelli, claiming that they were promoting the poaching of animals through this collection. 

Bold looks were also worn by the celebrities in attendance of this show. Kylie Jenner showed up wearing a strapless version of the lionhead dress from the collection; the criticism of the animal dresses followed her as well. 

Another attendee, Doja Cat, surprised many by showing up covered head-to-toe in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals. This bejeweled look was loved by some, while others were displeased by her lack of eyelashes. 

Co-President of FIDM Fashion Club, Lucia Wolf, said, “It’s interesting. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Following these opinions, she posted on her Instagram story stating, “If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you’ll get.” Later, she arrived at the Viktor&Rolf show with false eyelashes glued to her face, creating eyebrows, a mustache, as well as a goatee. 

Another show this week that also caught people’s attention was the surrealistic approach of Viktor&Rolf. This collection featured a wide variety of garments presented in every which way. It started off with simple, large tulle gowns and shimmery tops. However, the highlight of this show was marked by the seemingly anti-gravitational dresses that Viktor&Rolf presented. Models wearing these gowns horizontally, upside-down, and even diagonally- continued through the runway with the dresses staying intact. This creative approach of spotlighting dresses set the theme for this runway.

“The Viktor&Rolf show was astonishing,” said Olivia Marceda, Co-President of FIDM Fashion Club, “The fact that no one was expecting it, and the execution of the models walking across the stage displaying work that’s ‘anti gravitational’ is marvelous!”

Iris Van Herpen approached this fashion week differently. They instead released an artistic short film named “Carte Blanche.” Their designs were presented through an underwater performance which showcased the movement of the clothes. This collection contained very detail-oriented, patterned clothes accompanied by flowy attachments which were highlighted through the water’s movements. This short film was inspired by female bravery and empowerment. In particular, the resilience of women in Iran is highlighted.

This 2023 Paris Fashion week has brought about new trends in clothing and presentation. We have yet to see if any of these follow through in these following months, or if any of the current fashion will continue. 

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A Glance at Paris Fashion Week