Light Up the Court at the Royal Rave



March 24th, from 7-10 pm, the San Marcos Thunderhut (our school gym) will be decorated in neon for the upcoming Royal Rave. With ticket prices at $10 for Royal Card members, and $15 for general admissions, students are invited to come to school Friday in their wackest neon-themed attire. 

Coordinated by our ASB, inside the gym there will be a DJ with neon and black lights and possibly the largest disco ball the school has ever seen. There will be a wide range of games to play, and a neon face painting area. There will also be an open-air area designed for students to cool off on the side of the gym with seats, tables, water, and a concession stand selling snacks. 

Image courtesy of Kian Strenn

“We hope for the Royal Rave to be a new tradition at San Marcos for years to come,” said Kian Strenn who is co-organizing the event with ASB Vice President, Haden Shields. “Haden and I are so excited to get this off the ground!”

The dance will be casual and you are encouraged to wear whatever you would like. Hard shoes, such as dress shoes or heels, are not permitted since they could harm our gym floors. You will be requested to remove your hard shoes at the door if you plan to attend the dance wearing them and they will keep them secure until you depart. Soft shoes, such as sneakers, are acceptable and encouraged.

“Sophia and I are so hyped for Spirit Week,” said Commissioner of Assemblies, Ava Stryker. She, along with Commissioner of Athletics, Sophia Panossian, are setting up Spirit Week. 

Leading up to the Royal Rave there will be a Spirit Week including days based on the dance theme. During Spirit Week there will be a Neon Color Wars day where seniors will wear neon pink, juniors in neon orange, sophomores in neon green and freshmen in neon yellow. Ask your valentine out on a date to the Royal Rave and do not forget to wear neon to light up the court!