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The Mandalorian Review (SPOILERS!)


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    The final three episodes of the second season of The Mandalorian have now been released on Disney+, and they are outstanding. These last three episodes are among the best of the entire show. They include some of the most exciting action sequences of the series, enthralling plot points, and the return of characters who many thought we would never see again. 

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    Chapter 14 (season 2 episode 6), while an upsetting episode, was still fantastic. This episode gave us the return of Boba Fett (after he fell into the sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi) as he was tracking Mando who had his armor in the Razor Crest (Mando’s ship). Fennec Shand also made a reappearance (an assassin who Mando left for dead on Tatooine in season 1 episode 5) because she was saved by Boba and is now in his debt. The episode is aptly named “The Tragedy” as not only does Razor Crest get destroyed by Moff Giddeon, but Grogu is also kidnapped. Despite both of the disasters that took place, they still managed to make the episode enjoyable. There were exciting fight scenes while Mando, Fennec, and Boba had to fend off Storm Troopers to protect Grogu who was reaching out to a Jedi through the force on the seeing stone (because Ahsoka wouldn’t train him). We were also left with the mystery of who Grogu contacted and if they were going to show up. 

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    Chapter 15, “The Believer,” is one of the most emotional episodes of the series. Bill Burr reprises his role as Miggs Mayfeld who we saw in season 1 episode 6, “The Prisoner.” Mando decided to recruit him from prison because Mayfeld used to be part of the Empire, and therefore he could help Mando locate Moff Giddeon’s ship. They travel to a jungle planet where both Mando and Mayfeld had to dress as Imperial troopers to sneak into the base. On the way, Mando had to fend off pirates trying to blow up their transport. Just as Mando could not handle it anymore, Tie Fighters and Imperial troops show up to save the day. They somehow managed to make viewers happy to see the Empire. 

Once in the base, they have to access a panel to find Giddeon’s location, but Mayfield recognizes an officer inside and is unable to go in. The problem is, you need to complete a face scan to access the information, and Mando has not shown his face since he was a child. He shows how much he loves Grogu however by putting his creed aside and showing his face to find Giddeon’s location. Afterward, the officer, Valin Hess, pulls aside Mayfeld and Mando and gives them a blood-curdling speech about the justification of killing innocent people, the power of the Empire, and how people will welcome back to the Empire once they realize what they want is order. Mayfeld gets his redemption by killing Valin Hess at the end of the speech and blowing up the entire mining outpost. An all-around great episode with fantastic action, emotional moments, and it was a perfect way to set up the season finale.

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    The season finale, titled “The Rescue,” is truly phenomenal. The episode is about as close to perfection as possible, and it showcases everything that people love about Star Wars. The pacing of the episode stands out along with the action sequences which were perfectly complemented by the music. Mando along with Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves (two of the Mandalorians from season 2episode 3), Boba, Fennec, and Cara infiltrate Moff Giddeon’s ship. Mando goes off in search of the child, but on the way, he runs into the dark troopers (elite droid storm troopers). He tries to close the doors before they deploy, but one of them slips out. He has his hands full with this one, and there are many more still trying to break through the door. Just in time, he was able to open the airlock and send the troopers into space. He also has to face Moff Giddeon in an epic fight using his beskar spear against Giddeon’s Darksaber. Mando, in defeating Giddeon and winning the Darksaber, accidentally became the ruler of Mandalore, which Bo-Katan was not too happy about as she had been trying to accomplish that for years. The highlight of the episode however was getting to see the Jedi that Grogu called for, and it was none other than Luke Skywalker. In a remarkable scene, Luke makes the platoon of dark troopers look like nothing with his lightsaber while the music fills the audience with hope and excitement. Luke saves everyone and they end the season with Grogu going with Luke to become a trained Jedi. Just before Grogu leaves, Mando takes off his helmet to let the child see his face for the first time. It is such a great symbol of Mando’s character development during the season and shows how much he loves Grogu.

Image Courtesy of Leo Metzger/The Kings Page

    With the conclusion of season two comes the question of what season three will be about, assuming it happens. The story seems to have been wrapped up, so it will be interesting to see how Jon Favreau and Dave Filloni decide to proceed with the show. There are also many more Star Wars series that have been announced: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Ahsoka, Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic, Star Wars: Andor, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and others. With all of these new shows, the future of Star Wars is bright.



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